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DesignFirms™ Quality Guidelines

Quality Content and Trustworthy Users

This is what we are about. Since the web is crammed with fraud, our goal is to create a resource that is based on trust and dedication to delivering the best product available. We want to connect affiliates, designers and the customer to help each reach their goals in perfect harmony. The last thing a person needs is to see your ad plastered all over the place or get repeat spam emails from you, over and over and over and over... well, you get the point. So, in order to submit content or interact with others on DesignFirms™, you must agree to the following quality guidelines:

Content Quality

  • Do not submit content that could offend anyone
  • Do not submit content that you do not own
  • Do not submit content in a spam like manner
  • Do not mention content - describe it
  • Do not submit junk or it will be deleted
  • Do not post HTML

Trust Quality

  • Do not speak words that could offend anyone
  • Do not talk about what you don't know
  • Do not give false promises
  • Do not deceive anyone
  • Do not solicit business
  • Do submit content rich information that will entice the visitor

What can these Guidelines do?

We like people who do good things. That's why we will reward you with trust for the more good deeds you do. For those of you who do bad, please remember as you go about your naughtiness, you will reap what you sow.

Earn Trust

Do what is right and always move forward!

  • Step 1:
    Find someone who breaks these guidelines
  • Step 2:
    Either flag the inappropriate content or win a dispute case
  • Step 3:
    Receive trust points

Lose Trust

Breaking these guidelines will result in the following:

  • First Offense:
    Includes warning and removal of content
  • Second Offense:
    Includes first offense/public apology to user(s)
  • Third Offense:
    Banned for life

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