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William Craig

As you are probably now starting to see how tough being a website designer is and getting a feel for your competition. Trust me when I say it doesn't get any easier, not until you start advertising with DESIGN FIRMS! Our income/quotes has been sparatic month to month, but no longer. We've been with Design Firms for over half a year now and I know how much I'm going to make next month because I can expect great leads from them every month! Thanks Design Firms!

Braydon D'Aguiar

We have been advertising on DesignFirms for more than a year now and have found it to be quite useful. Increase in traffic along with regular targeted leads is what keeps Logo Design Works coming back to DesignFirms for it's advertising needs. Best of all, customer service is the best. A big thanks to Scott.

Jeff Marsh

Ever since we joined DesignFirms we have received an increase in traffic and now continue to advertise on this niche directory.

B.K Nandi

A great way to turn money into more money. It's like one big money tree. Invest in advertising and see people and leads come your way.

David Rudge is a great place to market your design company. Logo Mojo Designs is grateful and proud to be part of such wonderful community. Logo Mojo is very happy with the result of our ads!

Mike Roberts

We joined Design Firms about 2 month ago. We started with about $200 worth of advertising but within a month our traffic went up and we decided to double our investment to $400. We are very happy with their services and if all goes well intend to increase the advertising budget further up on their website.

Mohit is an integral part of our online marketing efforts. Their high quality provider directory sends hundreds of visitors to our website every month. They also provide a solid boost in overall search rankings of our website due to the great SEO value of links to our website from here. I would recommend this service to everyone seeking quality web design leads.

Joshua Strebel

DesignFirms has become an important part of our business strategy. We receive a high volume of traffic every month.


DesignFirms has become an important part of our online marketing strategy. We receive a high volume of traffic and leads every month.

Paul Kiefte

DesignFirms has been by far the best marketing investment we've made yet. Within a week of advertising, we had already gotten the opportunity to work on an excellent project. The amount of inquiries we received that were linked to DesignFirms were numerous and very encouraging. Keep up the good work!

Robert Kurfehs

DesignFirms has really helped a lot in getting good traffic to our website. Their service & support is excellent. It's the best design portal I have seen so far, I must say it's simply great!

Anil Mehta

Within three days of joining we were receiving leads. The automated, seamless process allowed our site to start receiving traffic immediately from!

Blue Wave Solutions Team has not only increased our website traffic but has improved our reputation as a high quality logo design company as well. Their customer service and prompt responses are greatly appreciated.

Colleen Ryan is a powerful solution for our advertising needs. We are very pleased with the results and popularity gained and we will continue using their services in future.

logolabs Team not only offers a huge amount of traffic but they also supply our company with solid sales leads. We recommend this site to anyone that wants to increase their traffic.

Andre Lamire

The team has been both professional and effective. Our company has seen huge results in traffic since becoming a member. I would recommend it to any serious business owner.

Marco Morellio

Not only has our web site increased its traffic but it has seen a huge increase in business. I would like to thank for taking the time to asses our needs and target our market.

Terry Lorne - VP Sales

Thank You!! You have delivered exactly what we hoped for. Not only do we get a sufficient amount of traffic, we also get a sufficient amount of leads as well. I wish there were more vehicles like this for designers and SEO firms at this great price.

Gary Corriston

First of all the best thing about this directory is its speed. Since I'm a freelancer from India and can't afford to pay for premium listings, then too the time in which my listings were placed was the faster than any other design directory on the web. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work...

Harish Chouhan team has been a great asset to receiving design leads and traffic to They have provided us an excellent opportunity to advertise our design and web services. We have increased our traffic tremendously through the service they provide. I recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their traffic flow.

Chuck Couch -

We love Design Firms. Great traffic. Great service. Great Guys.

Scott Hardigree

I am so impressed with the service you provide. You are now sending us more traffic than we receive from Google, even though we pay for sponsored ads with them. Definitely a resource to continue using. Great work!

Chris is a cost effective way to increase traffic and sales. My traffic numbers have had a significant growth since participating in their advertising program.


I am reluctantly writing this testimonial. I am only reluctant, however, because if my competitors come across this fantastic opportunity, I don't want to give them more incentive to use it. has referred a substantial amount of traffic to our site and we are very pleased with the results.

Todd has revolutionized the way people find designers. We would like to thank for building up a database for just designers and including us into it. Our listing has brought us many visitors and contacts to our site.


Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that my sponsorship listing on your site is bringing us a TON of traffic. Thanks for running a top notch design directory and keep up the good work!


The Design Firm Directory has brought significant amounts of traffic to my site on a weekly basis. Since we are a hosting company, we have received numerous web designers looking for reseller services to increase their revenue.


I wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service and also the great increase in traffic. Our traffic has increased three fold from what it was before joining your web development listing service. The greatest thing about this is that the traffic is targeted and not random, so you know that the vast majority of your visitors are looking for the services that you offer.


The team has been very responsive to our advertising needs. They have provided us an excellent opportunity to advertise our design services. The increase in traffic and domain popularity provided is substantial. I would recommend any company to definitely consider advertising on without reservation.

Pat is a fantastic way to market your business! I’ve gotten a huge amount of hits in a short period of time. I love them so much I even featured in an article I wrote call “Your Secret Weapon: The Web Design Directory” as one of the top five sites be listed on if you want MEGA traffic. Try it I promise you’ll be more than happy with the results.

Michelle is simply the most powerful business builder I have located on the web. With the ever increasing difficulty in maintaining search engine visibility, we have found listing in your directory to be 100 times more effective than any other lead generation websites and paid keyword placement combined!

Richard has really is helping us market our business over the internet. They offer excellent consumer service. DesignFirms clearly explained how we should market our company and in return increase our traffic. Affordable pricing makes it effective for companies to do business over the internet. Thank you DesignFirms!


Upon joining I received a large amount of traffic. Now, not only am I listed on a prestigious firm listing, I am a part of something greater... an upcoming top-notch design portal. I would recommend joining here to anyone, and since joining, has become my second largest referral.


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