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Articles: July 2006

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Viral Marketing and New Business

By Rick at Visionefx

If you're depending on a sole source, such as search engines, to generate new leads and new business, you're on dangerous ground. Many businesses have gone belly up because all their eggs were in one......

Validation Isnt Everything

By Rick at Visionefx

Like it or not, industry jargon often coughs up terms that become buzzwords. When this occurs—and it occurs across the board; web development is no exception—the terms can become diluted, even......

Are Inexpensive Web Site Templates Worth The Cost

By Rick at Visionefx

You Get What You Pay For So you took the bait and signed up for your first hosting plan that includes a Web site. Your newly acquired hosting plan probably has a programmed plug-and-play......

Maffini and Bearce Develops Branded line of French wines

By Cindy at Maffini and Bearce

Maffini and Bearce, a design marketing firm, located in the South of France has developed the branding for a new line of French line targeted to the North American market. Marketed under the brand......

Increasing Link Popularity and Getting worthy inward links

By Benny at Macronimous

Link popularity can be defined as the number of incoming or inbound links that your site has from other sites and directories. The links can be from any Business directory, Web directory, articles,......

Personal Marketing, the hidden key to success

By michael at Michael Ward Design

Whatever product or service you're selling, there's a lot of competition out there, and unless you're selling something truly unique, your customers get it just about anywhere. So how do you set......

Market your way to success

By michael at Michael Ward Design

The key to a successful business isn't just having a great product or service; it's marketing that business to the world. In fact, the best investment you can make in your business is the investment......

Advanced Printing Equipments for Making Better Business Cards

By Florante at Business Cards Printing Online

Since then, printing equipments have been greatly valued in the printing industry. Printing equipments are responsible for reproducing business cards. They are the ones who put the inks on different......

Significance of Designs to Businesses and Our Society

By Florante at Business Cards Printing Online

What are the most important factors in documents? What can make them more meaningful? Why do you have to make them as effective as possible? Well, there are usually three factors that can affect......

Ecommerce Essentials

By Josh at MrEwin

Making the leap from a brick and mortar business to an online business requires a shift in perception and understanding of the essentials. Many business owners and managers have become rooted in the......

Custom Printing - A Suitable Business Cards Printing Service

By Florante at Business Cards Printing Online

Do you want to have an effective business card? Well, thanks to the continuous progress in technology, which gave way to the birth of many business printing services, there are many ways you can......

The Holy Grail of Search Marketing

By Josh at MrEwin

It's the Holy Grail of search marketing to be the #1 listing for your Primary Keyword or Phrase. But it's not that simple. There are a number of ranking issues with the major search engines that make......

Outperforming the competition, on a budget

By Josh at MrEwin

Imagine if you will, that you are "Mr. Big's Big Print Books". You have a website catering to large print book buyers. You have some serious competition online; one of the largest online e-tailers,......

Your Website and your Brand

By Dom at Plumbline Studios, Inc

Don't rely on technology alone to create a great Website for you or your company. It's great to have cool technology but you need to leave a favorable impression on your user. Instill confidence and......

Where else could you find an employee like this

By Lorne at Razorwire Design

Did you know that a website is not just a fancy electronic business card, nor is it just a very dynamic multimedia rich advertisement? The most common misconception is that a website is merely a 2......

Trust is the key to online shopping

By Keith at Suburb Web Design

Consumer trust is the key to online shopping these days. There are several things you can do as an online retailer to ensure that once a prospect is at your webstore they convert into a......

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