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Articles: August 2006

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Branding Today

By Avis at De Mellows

It has become a surging trend in the 21st century that every firm is taking Branding seriously. Starting from the entrepreneurial middle- aged guy whose hair is starting to recede at an alarming rate......

9 Reasons You Must Get Online ASAP

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

You need a website. Let us give you a few reasons why it is not only an incredible investment in the future success of your business, but also an inexpensive, tax-deductible marketing and advertising......

What you do not know about your domain name can hurt you

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

On the World Wide Web your domain name is your own unique identity. No two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is totally unique. If you......

Nuts and Bolts of Profitable Affiliate Programs

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

These days, it's remarkably easy to set up your own Web site or get one designed for you.But what if you want to take your site to the next level? If you have a content-driven Web site, how can you......

The truth behind slogans and tag lines

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

The purpose of the strapline or slogan in an advertisement is to leave the key brand message in the mind of the target (that's you). It is the sign-off that accompanies the logo. Its goal is to......

Ultimate Domain Name Info

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

What is multiple domain hosting? Many times you will see that a web host offers multiple domain hosting. In simpler words it means that on buying an account you will have the ability to get......

Stop Before You Hire a Web Designer and Read this Now

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

These days, it seems like everybody's a website "designer". Sure, your brother's friend's uncle says he knows some stuff about websites and he'll design you a site for free; or you come across some......

Disgustingly Simple Website Blunders that Even Top Designers are Guilty of

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

1. Bad Search Overly literal search engines reduce usability in that they're unable to handle typos, plurals, hyphens, and other variants of the query terms. Such search engines are......

The Memorability of your Logo

By Nola at Classic Creations Design

You've chosen a name for your business… have the perfect product….you are ready to introduce it all to the world, and you've hired a graphic designer to design your logo…. How can you be......

The Foundation of Your Business Image

By Nola at Classic Creations Design

Choosing Your Business Name You've taken a very important first step…'ve decided to become a small business owner and start your very own business. The very first thing on your "to do"......

7 Benefits of Being a Home Based Entrepreneur

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

Home-based businesses are the trend of the future. Government and industry reports show that increasing numbers of men and women are now opting to work out of their homes. In fact, the latest data......

Love What You Do. A Recipe for a Successful Website

By Z at Centauria Web Design

Obvious, often overlooked and secret ingredients behind website success.. 1. Be inspired. Have a business idea that is meaningful to you and convey this meaning to others with your website. Love......

Dont' Waste Time Scratching Your Head Wondering What the Internet Can Do for Your Business

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

HERE IS WHAT THE INTERNET CAN DO FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Increased awareness of products and services - Businesses can now greatly expand their markets, no need to constrain the focus to only the......

How Can I Increase Traffic to My Website?

By Braydon at 5 Shades Media

This is a question that I see daily. While each website is different, and will require different solutions for specific situations, there are many things that can be applied to virtually ANY website......

Design industry going downhill?

By Braydon at Hostway

In the era of the small business, growth is the only way. Whether that involves making smart choices or developing the million dollar idea, one must ponder on what it takes to succeed in such a tough......

Breaking Design Rules

By Jimmy at Organi Studios

Design is one of life's greatest oxymorons. Design is an art form, but the craft must be learned or, at least, techniques in the craft perfected. Then, when it is mastered, it becomes a true art form......

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