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9 Reasons You Must Get Online ASAP

By: Braydon DAguiar at 5 Shades Media

Submitted on Thu, Aug 3rd, 2006 12:00 am

You need a website. Let us give you a few reasons why it is not only an incredible investment in the future success of your business, but also an inexpensive, tax-deductible marketing and advertising vehicle that will level the playing field and give your business the edge it desperately needs. The move to the web can be easier and more affordable than ever with Technology Magnum Designs & Developments.

Here are some reasons that will help you learn why a website can be the best investment a business can make:

1. To Establish a presence

- 240+ million people worldwide have access to the Internet and YOU if your business establishes a presence on the web.

- You can't ignore 240+ million people who can spend their money and add to your bottom-line.

- Be a part of that online community and show that you are interested in serving them by providing, at minimum, basic information about your services, prices and company.

2. To provide immediate service to your customers

- No better way to immediately interact and service your customers than by providing instant service to them via your web site.

- Providing answers to frequently asked questions.

- Benefit of not tying up your staff with extra phone calls and time consuming explanations to basic questions.

3. To get the nod'

- On the web you can easily trade links or get a major news outlet to at mention your site for massive exposure.

4. To get the word out fast

- If you need to get time sensitive materials out to your customers and potential customers fast and easy, your website is a great vehicle.

5. Your website can protect your investment

- If your storefront or business is destroyed by natural disaster, theft or another heinous act, your website will continue to drive sales and allow you to communicate with your customers. Interesting fact: As a repercussion of the September 11 tragedy, approximately 4,319 New York companies went out of business. Many could have been saved if they had had a web presence.

6. Your website is an endless and affordable full color interactive brochure

- Unlike printed materials that have to be printed in quantity each time you need them or change information, your website is a buy once, update as much as you want (see our CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM option) advertising vehicle.

- Your website can also gather important statistics about your prospects.

7. Your website is a 24/7 employee

- Your website is not on the payroll & does not need benefits or vacations.

-You do not have to pay taxes or workman's comp on it. It is never sick or late & it is always doing business on a professional level.

- Your phone bill will drop dramatically as clients won't need to call as much.

8. Your web site will give you a huge ROI (return on investment)

-For example you might spend $2,000 on your website design and you have a hard time justifying the expense in the beginning, but consider the income your site will generate after 90 daysa ton of a lot more than your site cost to begin with.

- Consider the money you'll save. Most people do not even use the yellow pages anymore so you can cut that expense. They go to the online yellow pages and search engines.

9. Your website will enable you to do business with a worldwide market, compete with your competition and keep your doors open 24/7

- The demographic of the web user is the highest mass-market demographic available and you are no longer limited to your local market.

- Even if you can only do business in your local area you still have a worldwide market. Consider this: Jack lives in New York and owns rental properties in Florida. When he needs a contractor, he jumps online, finds what he needs, they send him a picture after completion and he pays them online. He NEVER moved from his living room! This is how people are doing business today.

- If you are not online, shoppers will not know that you exist and they will contract with your competitors and not you.

- If you wait too long, you will not be able to recapture your market share from the competitors who have been snatching it from you.

- If you do not use the Internet yourself, don't be fooled. Your customers and clients do. Your competitors ARE online and they are getting ahead of you in the learning curve and stealing YOUR market.

- People are too busy during the day to shop the way they used to. Research shows that they go online while at work and in the evening (after you are closed) to find the products and/or services that they need.

SEE how badly you need a website? Research shows that for each day that you are not online your competitor gets 30 days ahead of you. They are taking money out of your pocket, and they are learning more about online media each day. The longer you put this off, the longer it is going to take you to catch up!

About the Author

Braydon DAguiar
5 Shades Media

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