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Corporate Identity vs Collateral

By: Jimmy Gramblin at Organi Studios

Submitted on Tue, Sep 19th, 2006 12:00 am

How does a company promote itself? To keep up in such a competitive world, businesses must promote themselves wherever possible. Collateral documents are a key medium in the marketing world. Organi Studios has seen that many do not realize how brochures and catalogs are part of collateral material. Documents such as brochures, catalogs, posters, pocket folders and inserts, conference materials, trade show gifts, client gifts, apparel, signs, banners, direct mailers and other promotional product items bolster a company’s identity and brand recognition in an oftentimes subtle way.

Then what's corporate identity?

A company’s identity is its image and is therefore one of the most important aspects of business, as it is what the public will see first about the business as well as what they will associate it with. But isn't that a business' collateral? No. They do work hand in hand, but are not the same. Collateral includes promotional materials that work like makeup to enhance the company whereas corporate identity is the actual face of the company. Some businesses may try to go without collateral, but just as with makeup, you really shouldn't go out in public like that. Organi Studios can design a distinct corporate identity that will further a business’ objectives. Corporate identity often includes logos, trademarks, branding, letterhead, business cards, envelopes and other items that define a business.

About the Author

Jimmy Gramblin
Organi Studios
We are a comprehensive design firm/animation house creating a modern renaissance on the basis of innovation, deriving inspiration from nature to generate fluid motion. We specialize in 3D animation, GUI, corporate identity, Web design, illustration, collateral design and copywriting.

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