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Methods of Marketing Your Web Site

By: Jarrod Goddard at Net Shift Media Inc.

Submitted on Fri, Oct 27th, 2006 12:00 am

As a full service Internet marketing and web site design firm, we've worked with numerous clients to not only develop a professional web site, but have also helped drive targeted traffic to our clients' sites. Here are some of our tips to help you increase the number of visitors to your site.

Directory Submissions
Directory submissions are a great way to promote a site that has just been launched and does not yet have any links. Make sure, however, that you don't just submit your web site to free general directories. Most directories are not worth the link they provide anymore, and it is best to skip the free ones entirely. Submit your site to the major directories online such as Yahoo, and the Open Directory, and also do a search for any niche directories that are related to your business or industry. Niche directories are the exception and will be worth the link even if they are free, but typically you get better placement and positioning for paid submissions. Because you should only submit to directories that you expect to receive traffic from it is a good idea to pay for the position with the highest visibility, especially when first launching your web site. Over time submit your web site or major areas within your site to multiple categories within such directories to help drive more traffic to your site. Most directories offer lifetime submissions for less than $50, although the price varies. Yahoo charges $299 US / year, but DMOZ is free (DMOZ is the only free directory that is recommended to submit to because of it's authority, and because google recommends it).

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads
Consider placing pay-per-click ads with google, Yahoo, and MSN if your budget allows. PPC ads allow you to pick what keywords you want your ads to show up for, and you place your bid amounts to determine your ad position. Each of the three engines provide tools for traffic estimation based on your bid amounts that are quite helpful to maximize your budget. Google tends to be more expensive than Yahoo and MSN, however google also generates much more traffic than the other two due to its marketshare. Your costs will depend entirely on your industry and the bid amounts that your competitors have already set. Some industries may be as low as 10 cents per click, while other industries can be as expensive as $10 or more per click.

Press Releases
Write a press release for the launch of your web site and post it on your web site, as well as submit it to the number of online PR agencies. is one of the largest online press release sites and PRNewswire is another. Both sites offer press release services and are a great place to get the word out about your web site. Both services can get your press release syndicated on a multitude of other web sites and create links to your site. PRWeb offers both paid and free options.

Just as press releases can get your word out to the Internet, and generate links to your site, articles can work much the same way. Write a number of articles based on your industry and submit them to online article sites to help get your web site out to the public. It also shows you as an expert in your field, and can build credibility for your web site and your business. Many online article sites are free so there is no cost to submit them.

Social Marketing
Social marketing is gaining momentum as a major traffic generator online. Places like MySpace, Digg, Furl, Reddit, Ma.gnolia, BlinkList, are great areas to promote your business and drive traffic to your web site. Sign up for each of them and use them to your benefit. These sources are free to sign up and use.

Online Forums
Forums were the original social networking sites. With millions of forums online, there is bound to be multiple in your industry and you may already be a member of one. If not, search online for forums in your industry, register, and begin posting regularly placing your web site address in your signature. This will generate links to your site that will attract users of the forum to find your site. Make sure to actually provide relevant information when posting to forums or replying to existing messages. Build your own profile among members of these forums and you can be thought of as an expert on the forum. Most forums are also free to register and post to, however some do charge a membership fee.

Blog Comments
Similar to forums, take part in many web logs that are related to your industry. Although, blog comment spam has been a major issue in the last year, so ensure that your comments are constructive and add something to the conversation. In some cases it may be relevant to post a link to your web site. Blogs are free to post comments on, but may be moderated by the author.

Many methods of marketing your web site are free, or cost quite little, however, the cost of marketing your site really comes into your time, experience, and ability to remain current with online marketing trends. Social marketing was nearly non-existent 2 years ago, and blogs have become almost insignificant in marketing your site due to comment abuse. Consider hiring a professional to work with you in marketing your web site to achieve the best results.

About the Author

Jarrod Goddard
Net Shift Media Inc.
Net Shift Media is an award-winning full-service Internet marketing and web design firm providing web site design, Internet marketing, and web application development services.

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