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Architectural Photography

By: Katie Rogers at Single Leaf Graphics

Submitted on Mon, Oct 30th, 2006 12:00 am

A good architectural photographer can be a great asset to your business team. Their experience, equipment and knowledge can bring new creativity and solutions to your business. Appropriate architectural photos will bring new light to a space by adding perspective and size, setting the mood, showing off craftsmanship and details, humanizing the space, and conveying your significant points through an image.

Architectural photos may be needed for a portfolio, advertising, or website needs. When you are looking for a photographer, be sure to look into these articles : 'Tips for Working With an Architectual Photographer' and 'Choosing an Architectural Photographer'. Visit to follow these links.

Requesting Portfolios
The first step is to request portfolios of photographers who best match your expertise. I have provided a gallery of some of my work which you can reach by using the link on the Portfolio page at You want to look for a good presentation, variety of work and consistency in style. Compare the photographer's style with yours and ask yourself if they jive. Look for a shooter who interprets the space well for your genre of work. Generally, if you like a photographer's work, you will probably like the work they do for you. Also, look for images that are well-balanced compositionally and capture a feeling of the space, not just a literal representation.

After you have looked at a portfolio, ask questions about experience and work ethic while getting a feel for personality (conflicts of personality have ruined many a shoot).

Once a photographer has been chosen, do a walk-through on the property with the photographer. During a walk-through both you and the photographer visit the shoot location in person to lay out a rough shoot schedule and spot any unique challenges to be tackled in advance as well as the building's features you would like to emphasize. Use this time to choose and discuss any props or other materials such as flower arrangements or art that may be needed. Also, you can discuss the lighting and sprinkler controls as well as any security steps to getting into the building and its surrounding areas.

The final step is to sign the contract. This is an often-overlooked aspect by both clients and photographers. In most cases, a contract is pure formality, however, it is an important part of selecting a good photographer because it makes sure everyone is on the same page and protects photographer and client alike. Ideally, the photographer should send a contract detailing the estimated final price outlining any stipulations, usage rights and a final shot list. This allows you time to review the contract to make sure everything is to your liking. Hopefully, and in most cases, any potential problems can be ironed out prior to the shoot.

If you have additional questions about selecting, pricing, or working with an architectural photographer, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: We wish you the best of luck in growing your business through great photography!

Viewing Your Photographs
Lastly, after the hard work is done, you will find that the really hard work is choosing the images you wish to purchase.

About the Author

Katie Rogers
Single Leaf Graphics
I attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana. After graduating, I worked for a local portrait photographer for several months before starting my own business. Combining experience, equipment, and knowledge, I can create high quality architectural photos for your business. My experience includes working with contracting companies, architects, and retail stores, as well as individuals to produce unique, engaging images. As a professional architectural photographer, I will produce images which add perspective and size, set the mood, showcase craftsmanship and details and humanize spaces to convey your significant selling points in the image. For more details, please see the Services & Pricing and the Portfolio pages. I also offer Fine Art Prints, Photo Retouching services, and an article about The Process of Architectural Photography. Although I have worked in other photography fields, I have enjoyed my architectural photography work the best since starting my business years ago. The more architectural work I do, the more I learn and the more I feel myself growing as a photographer. I am constantly trying new things to make each photograph bring out distinct character in a building to show off the hard work of the architects, builders and planners and I hope that you can see this in my work. I greatly enjoy my work as a photographer and the sense of creation that I feel after making new images. Running my own business has been very fulfilling and my business as it is today would not have been possible without my husband. A few months after starting my business, my only camera broke. My then fiance, and now husband, in an act of great faith and confidence in my skills, purchased a professional digital camera for me to jump-start my business which gave me the chance to really cultivate my work early on. I will always be thankful for my husband who saw something in me and my work that made him want to make the investment in me.

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