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Articles: November 2006

Displaying Articles for November 2006

Ten Ways To Clear Bad Press From Search Engine Results

By Linda at Image X Media

What do you see when you search for your company or brand name? Is there anything on the first page of the search engine results that you wouldn't be proud to display on your home page? Consumer......

10 Tips to secure your web applications

By Jarrod at Net Shift Media Inc.

1. Securing Custom Web Applications What sort of login URL do you typically use? Here are some common ones:,,,,......

How Free Web Content Can Cost You

By Jessica at Harvest Media

How Free Web Content Can Cost You Would you wear a suit from a thrift store to a meeting with your clients? Then why settle for recycling free content on your website? Your website message......

Determine the Needs of Web Hosting

By lin at Web Hosting Clue

You have a lot of choices in the web hosting market and it can be very confusing to find the best deal that meets your needs. So the first step of web hosting guide is to determine your needs of web......

Get the Best Domain Name for Your Web Site

By lin at Web Hosting Clue

Below are some tips for selecting a domain name: 1. Register a name that contains your major keywords, such as you design a web site to guide people how to find the web hosting solution, it would......

What to look for in a web design agency

By Neil at Alienation Digital

Web Design is not just about the technology, but in how that technology is implemented. But what does this mean? Well, if you are looking for a web designer, these are some of the questions you need......

Why the best marketing tactics may have failed you up until now

By Kathy at Virtual Impax

Ever wonder why some marketing tactics work for some businesses but not others? Maybe you heard about a business that paints their company's domain name on the top of their delivery trucks......

Is your web site helping or hurting your business

By Kathy at Virtual Impax

There are two powerful psychological principles at work when a potential customer or client visits your web site. The first is the law of first impressions and the second is the placebo......

How to Choose a Hosting Company

By Melanie at Synaxiom Media Group

When it comes to building your website, one of the most important steps is choosing a good web hosting company. Web hosting is basically defined as a service that hosts web pages on central servers......

Advantages and Disadvantages to Using Web Templates

By Melanie at Synaxiom Media Group

In todays booming internet market, there are so many companies competing for every single user that what ends up making or breaking the deal almost always has directly to do with the website design......

Most Common SEO Mistakes

By Melanie at Synaxiom Media Group

Youve heard many people talk about search engine optimization and its importance in the visibility of your website. Well, it is vital to your website, but there are certain rules to follow and......

5 Reasons To Redesign Your Business Website Using CSS

By Linda at Image X Media

Many small business owners have a hard time seeing the value of a website redesign. They believe if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And this is understandable. Unless you are eating, breathing and......

Building an Online Business with a Shoestring Budget

By Rick at Visionefx

You have a great idea, service or product. Now its time to build a website and realize your dream. The eternal optimists say, "Build it and they will come." This is easier said than done. There are......

Freelance Web Designer vs Web Design Company

By Rick at Visionefx

A fair amount of our clients find Visionefx after wasting a few thousand dollars or a few months (whichever comes first) with a web designer that has left them angry and frustrated. Many of these......

Trends in browser resolutions and usage statistics

By Rick at Visionefx

Staying on top of the ever-changing browser world is not easy, but it's key to outstanding web site design. That's why Visionefx puts the time and effort into understanding the latest developments.......

Before You Redesign Your Website

By Greg at Carousel30

Its a familiar story. Your Web site was designed around the time when an upstart named Google was just getting their foot in the door of the Search Engine market. At the time, it was a great Web......

Your Logo is Much More Than Decoration

By Greg at Carousel30

What are the company logos that you remember the most? As you are about to design your corporate identity, take a look around and notice the logos that are all around us. Most of the time, they are......

Your key demographic... do you have their attention?

By Chanie at Sage Media

In a rich media environment, audiences are in an increasingly constant state of distraction. Were all busy, and there is a lot going on in our lives - our attention is valuable and limited.......

Revitalizing Your Brand

By Chanie at Sage Media

Building a strong brand takes commitment, time and hard work, but the result is one of the most valuable assets a company can own. That said, not all assets are static, and your brand image is no......

Using Design in Business

By Chanie at Sage Media

The importance of design in business is often underestimated. The reality is, human beings are visually oriented; we place a lot of stock in what we see, and we base our decisions heavily on......

Branding defined

By Scott at ImageWorks Creative

What is Branding? Simply put - your brand or corporate image is the impression formed at every point of contact with your prospects and clients. Branding is the combination of imagery......

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