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Making your business successful: The importance of professional marketing materials

By: ron bercume at SeeMore Media

Submitted on Sun, Apr 15th, 2007 12:00 am

Your company has just about everything it needs to become successful. You have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in machinery that you need to produce products. You have the perfect amount of trained employees who are all capable of doing the job. You have a management team that is ready and willing to take charge. But as you prepare to write a sales letter to a potential customer, you notice that something is missing.

A Logo. Business cards. Stationery. A flyer showing what your company is capable of producing. Where are these things? They are so basic, yet so vitally important to your business's ultimate success.

Think about it: A logo graphically represents your company's identity. Oftentimes, a logo is the first thing a potential customer will notice. After seeing your logo a few times, people will immediately think of your company's name. A logo can be printed on business cards, stationary, signs, packages, or anything else you desire. It can even have a presence on your company's web site. A company logo should visually display what your company is about. For example, if you have a company that manufactures boats, your logo can portray a visual representation of a boat. Or, it may be the simple typography of your logo that demands attention. The more unique your logo is, the better.

If you are the owner of a fairly new company, one of the worst mistakes you can make is attempting to design your own logo and marketing materials – especially if you do not have any experience doing so. Having marketing materials that do not appear professional will cause your business to look small and perhaps unstable. Why would someone want to do business with a company that is not even confident enough to invest a few dollars in a professional logo or some business cards?

The answer is: They probably wouldn't. However, at See More Media Graphic Design, we can help you develop the perfect logo. We can also assist you with other print and online media. See More Media Graphic Design can provide you with letterhead, envelope, and business card design, as well as the creation of posters, brochures, direct mailers, corporate annuals, technical manuals, menus, magazine print ads, phone book ads, custom website design, and database driven web applications. We also offer a 12-month advertising strategy for your company.

For example, our professionally designed business cards will create a polished and focused look for your company. Most of all, they will make a lasting first impression on a potential customer. After a trade show or a meeting, your business card will end up on a potential customer's desk. He or she may pick it up and enter your contact information into a Rolodex. Your card will be noticed – either for its uniqueness, or for its lack of it.

A good business card should be able to speak for your company all by itself. It should be able to show and tell a potential customer what your company can do for them. You should ensure that your business cards are printed on high-quality paper stock. After all, potential customers will not be impressed with a homemade business card with serrated edges. Business cards should not be gaudy or overdone, but just unique and colorful enough to be noticed.

To be truly successful, your business should also have its own personalized stationary with letterhead, as well as matching envelopes. See More Media Graphic Design can do these things for you as well. This will portray a look of organization and professionalism to your clients and potential customers. It is a good idea if your stationary, envelopes, and business cards match each other in both color and style. This way, they are easily recognizable.

Finally, you should consider having a flyer or another type of advertisement professionally designed. You can then submit ads to newspapers, magazines, phonebooks, and other print media. And, you can direct mail potential customers with flyers showing your business capabilities. In your flyer, it is critical that you explain in simple terms what your company is about. Tell potential customers what you can do for them, and how you can do it better than anyone else in the field. Your flyer should contain your contact information, and even directions to your company. If you have a web site, it should be listed on your flyer as well. We can suggest these and other options for you to consider.

With these tips in mind, make the smart choice and have your company's marketing materials professionally designed. Simple things, such as marketing materials can make or break a new company.

About the Author

ron bercume
SeeMore Media
SeeMoreMedia Graphic Design, Adirondack Mountains, NY Real world design product for large to small business, with a common sense approach and focus. We specialize in business identity development, producing everything from general print medias, to full blown websites. Staying abreast of the latest in contemporary design and technology, we provide our family of clients with a accessible products and services to successfully promote their business

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