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Articles: August 2007

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Personalized Search All is Well or Orwell

By Scott at Medium Blue

You go to Google and enter your search term. Big Brother, the totalitarian character from George Orwell's novel 1984, watches with detached interest. You see, to Big Brother, you are only a number -......

Rebuttal against website designer slamming

By carlos at Visual Animus

For those that like to slam website designers/developers. I note there are many comments in the e-world that simply like to insult, put down, and negate the use of website designers when......

Quality Web Design And The Future Of Your Business

By Omaro at OCIT Services

When it comes to web design, quality must be the one constant, and that quality must be built into the design, not tacked on afterward as an afterthought. The concept of web design is focused on......

Common Costly Mistakes When Selling A Product Online

By Omaro at OCIT Services

Selling a product online is a great way to break into the world of commerce without all of the expenses involved in setting up a brick-and-mortar business. Unfortunately, many people do not realize......

Why Is Search Engine Marketing So Effective?

By Omaro at OCIT Services

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a pooling of various online marketing strategies to increase traffic flow to a website, a blanket term which includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social......

Blogging For Business

By Omaro at OCIT Services

Blogging is one of the most important tools that online webmasters have as a means of promoting their business. Why? Blogs have the power to reach many thousands of people that are interested in......

Do Not Wave Any Spam Flags If You Want Traffic From Google

By Omaro at OCIT Services

If you want Google to rank your website highly, you must avoid all appearances of spam. Many webmasters unknowingly promote their websites with methods that Google regards as spammy. It's......

Keyword Selection For Search Engine Optimization SEO

By Omaro at OCIT Services

Choosing your primary keywords may be one of the most difficult parts of good SEO. It is also, however, one of the most important. When you begin optimizing your website for search engines, you will......

How To Quickly Get Your Website Indexed By Google

By Omaro at OCIT Services

To be successful on the web you must have visitors to your site. They must be able to find you or your efforts will have been in vain. How do they do this? The best way is to have your site indexed......

Understanding non hierarchical navigation from a web 2.0 point of view

By Sabyasachi at Interface Business Solutions

Navigation has always been considered the key to the success of any web site. It is common knowledge that visitors to any web site have very short attention spans. Thy either find the information......

The Perils of Poor Online Strategy

By Sabyasachi at Interface Business Solutions

The Internet is today the backbone of consumer existence. While the penetration of internet varies from country to country, yet a great part of the top end of the socio-economic spectrum is internet......

Google CPC a Practical Guide

By Sabyasachi at Interface Business Solutions

Google CPC is the new buzz word in search engine marketing. Every Internet savvy company has quickly realized the power of advertising on search result pages on Google or Yahoo. The reasons are not......

Server Vulnerability Scanning: What you Need to Know

By Josh at MrEwin

Beyond providing a fluid user experience, intuitive navigation, search engine friendly source and a secure transactional environment, website operators also need to concern themselves with preventing......

Online Marketing, A Primer

By Josh at MrEwin

For the purposes of this article, well assume that you, the reader, know nothing or very little about online marketing in general. With that in mind, Id like to share common means of advertising......

Figuring Online Ad Buys

By Josh at MrEwin

Online Advertising sales saw another year of solid growth in 2005, and for good reason: it works. Why buy contextual online advertising? As with all advertising, your dollars need to be......

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