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Video Marketing Basics

By: Omaro Ailoch at OCIT Services

Submitted on Wed, Nov 7th, 2007 12:00 am

Video marketing is one of the latest forms of online marketing to emerge as a major avenue for building traffic. It offers Webmasters the opportunity to brand their website and to conduct viral marketing campaigns that have the potential to drive masses of traffic to a website. Web browsers want to gain access to relevant information quickly and painlessly, and video marketing offers exactly that.

Supply Is Greater Than Demand

While streaming video content is already very popular with the web surfing public, it has yet to really catch on with the majority of Internet marketers. This offers even further advantages to the Webmaster willing to take the plunge. There are many ways to use good video content, not least to improve conversions and increase sales.

Increasing Site Conversions

Increase Conversions On Your Own Site. In order to ensure that you are getting the greatest possible ROI from your online efforts you need to have the greatest possible conversion rate on your pages. Web users have a notoriously short attention span. Because video is easy to view and requires very little effort on the part of the surfer, short video clips have become an extremely popular form of web content.

Including video tutorials, video introductions, and video demos on the pages of your own site can improve conversions. Many surfers are intrigued by the existence of video and, especially if you advertise the fact that it is a short clip, are likely to click and view it. With a well designed and appealing clip this can greatly improve the conversions from your website.

A Viral Marketing Technique

Every website should have a wide selection of advertising and marketing methods. Viral marketing can give a site a real injection of traffic. Create a compelling advertisement and distribute it through video sharing websites, as well as industry channels, and you could witness a traffic explosion to your website.

Viral marketing requires extremely compelling content. Your video clip needs to spark some kind of emotive reaction, whether it be humour and intrigue or even dislike and controversy. Controversial advertisements will almost always create some kind of buzz, but you have to be careful that it doesn't backfire and alienate your potential visitors.

Website Branding

Website branding helps position your website in the minds of visitors. Good branding means that visitors will continue to return to your website and you will be at the forefront of their mind when they require a service you provide. Branding may not give you the immediate return that other marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click provide, but over time it will not only increase site visitors it will promote customer loyalty and improve your ROI.

Video marketing offers a method to brand your site. Including your site logo on any streaming video is a positive move. Video is very linkable at the moment, because even though surfers love to view video, there are comparatively few sites taking advantage. If you are submitting video content to video sharing websites or other channels then using branded video clips will increase your website's exposure to the market.

Video Marketing For Your Success

Video marketing is a powerful new tool in the web marketer's arsenal. It gives surfers the quick hit that they demand in a fast paced environment, and can be easily branded and optimized for success. There are a number of ways in which a powerfully created video clip can be used, both on your own website and for submission to video channels and other advertising avenues. If you aren't using video yet, then you should start before it becomes a much more popular method of delivering a marketing message.

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Omaro Ailoch
OCIT Services
For the latest tips on Search Engine Optimization and Web Design visit Orange County’s #1 Web Development ,Design, and Search Engine Optimization Firm.

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