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Articles: February 2008

Displaying Articles for February 2008

Content is King. It is Also a Commitment.

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

During the development of a website content strategy for a recent client (let's call them Big Gorilla Promotional Products),I felt compelled to include an opening disclaimer that read like......

Creative Consulting... Skilled Planning for a Great Return

By Brian at Lehmer and Associates

When it comes to design and copywriting services there is vast potential to boost profits and an equally vast potential to waste your money.The key to unlocking the profitable side of creative work......

Making Your Website Effective

By Deidre at Deidre Ali Creative Services

Everyone always asks me how they can make their website more effective. Here are some key points that you should remember in order to be more successful onwith your website. 1. Find A Role For......

Outsource Marketing - A Smart Choice For Technology Businesses

By Christine at Clarity Quest Marketing

Comparing Options If your firm hires a VP-level marketing executive you can expect to pay upwards of $175,000 in salary and benefits just to start. While your new VP may be able develop a......

SEO and Internet Marketing...It Takes Two to Tango

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

Marketers today know that search engines play a large roll in dictating daily website traffic and overall sales for many companies. Small businesses approach us regularly with requests for SEO......

Sams Club Wants to Be Your Search Engine Optimization Company But Should You Let It?

By Scott at Medium Blue

If the buzz is to be believed, Sam's Club is now a search engine optimization company that is targeting the local search market aggressively. The fact is, this isn't something new; it's just recently......

Viral Marketing Tactics

By ciara at Website Copywriter

Truly there is no trick to viral marketing, no strange equations such as those found in SEO strategies. All that is necessary is to get people talking about your website, emailing about your website......

What is Social Networking?

By Shambi at JMB Designs defines social networking as, a phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some way. We have all heard of the social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook,......

Designing Sites For Universal Success

By Maneet at LeXolution IT Services P. Ltd.

If the word Infinite demands personification, then in all probability, the internet may be the ideal answer. The Web is an ever expanding pool of information, growing by the second. It transports......

Using Differentiators in Keyphrases What Every Search Engine Optimization Company Needs to Know

By Scott at Medium Blue

As any good search engine optimization company knows, in search, more so than any other medium, you have a very short window of opportunity in which to engage your prospect. The only way to get a......

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