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What is Social Networking?

By: Shambi Broome at JMB Designs

Submitted on Sat, Feb 23rd, 2008 11:18 am defines social networking as, a phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some way. We have all heard of the social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook,, and Yahoo 360. You may have found the majority of people are using these websites to meet new friends, but a growing number of people are using them to network virtually with other businesses, and to find new customers.

Join a Group

I grew up in the early years of the Internet. I can remember using Bulletin Boards to communicate via the computer with other people. Now message boards, forums, or groups offer a way to focus a discussion on a particular subject. Yahoo has a great service where you can join or start a group about anything. I have joined ones that are specifically geared towards business owners. Not only can I talk to other business owners, but I can also post links to my website and blog, mention any specials or services we offer, and generally describe my business without annoying anyone. Of course each group has rules as to the frequency of such postings, so read all rules before you join.

MySpace and YouTube Arent Just for Teens Anymore

More and more small businesses are posting commercials on YouTube. Search for car dealers and you will be amazed how many dealerships post commercials. The benefit to them is that they can get a longer commercial for a lot less expense than going through traditional media outlets to advertise. The great thing about YouTube is you can then link the video to your website or other websites. If your video is creative enough it may become viral and get emailed everywhere so that people can see it. You have an advertising vehicle that is networking for you 24/7.

It seems like everyone is on MySpace, so why arent you? You can have a website that is listed in a directory that is browsed by over 100 million members. You can link in your company website, and become part of a global community. Who wouldnt want that kind of exposure for their company?

Search Engine Rankings

As the Internet grows it becomes more and more important to have your website linked on quality websites. This helps to increase your rankings in the search engines. Using social networking to list your company name and website link, adds more information for the search engines to add to their directories, thus improving your page rankings.

How Professional is Social Networking?

You make social networking as professional as you want it to be. That is the great thing about social networking, you control your image. If you choose to use professional language, present a professional profile, and display professional photos you cant help but let potential clients know that you are a professional.

The world of advertising has changed tremendously with the growth of the World Wide Web. We need to learn to use the virtual tools available in conjunction with our traditional advertising. Social networking is a perfect way to do this.

About the Author

Shambi Broome
JMB Designs
Shambi Broome, Owner JMB Designs, LLC Shambi Broome is a certified web designer with over 17 years of sales and marketing experience. She opened JMB Designs in 2004. The web design company specializes in website design and maintenance for small and start up businesses. The company services clients from East to West Coast and Australia. Mrs. Broome has conducted seminars on Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Flash design. Her graphic designs have been used in newspaper ads and a full color Society specialty book.

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