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Choosing Quality Keywords

By: Benjamin Bruner at Ben Bruner Web Productions

Submitted on Sun, Mar 2nd, 2008 4:22 am

An important part of developing a good website is making sure the right audience is finding your content. When creating pages and writing content on your website be thinking about the individuals who would benefit from your services. Consider what keyword search terms they may use to find your business.

In this article I intend to shed some light on how to choose keywords that will give you the best return on your investment (convert more visitors into buyers). I intend on doing this by focusing each page of the website on just 2-5 keyword phrases and placing the keywords into 2 categories. By placing the keywords in categories we will clearly be able to see what information is being searched for and write effective content giving the visitor the exact information they are looking for; Benefiting both you and the visitor.

Steps to keyword selection
In my experience it is best to choose just a few(2-5) keyword phrases for each page of your website. This allows you to write specific content for those keywords and place higher in the search engine rankings. Generally, it will serve you better to place within the top 10 of just 3 specific keywords, than to placed 30 in 10 keyword phrases.

Create your list
Start by creating a large list of keywords that are related to your business. Place yourself in your customers' shoes. What keywords would you use if were looking for your product or service. Make the list as long as you like we will narrow it down later.
  1. Consider how much competition there is for the keyword. If it is a very broad term such as "Website Development" it may be very difficult to place within the top 10 results.

  2. Visit your competition. Type in a broad search term related to your product or service. It is likely their page titles contain some keywords you may not have thought of.

  3. Use a keyword search tool. I recommend the Google Keyword Tool if you have a Google Account, or the SEObook Keyword Tool. These tools will give you a general idea of how often the keyword is searched and how much competition there is to be listed in the top 10.
Additionally don't forget about long keywords containing 4 or more words. These long keywords are often overlooked by large advertisers and have reduced competition, giving you a much better chance to show up on top! For example, I work for a Website Design Company and may want use the keyword Website Design, but there is too much competition to show up on top. Therefore, I may choose to use the keyword St Augustine Web Design Company. This will give me a much better chance of being listed within the top 10 results.

Now Narrow Down Your List
After we have created a nice long list of keywords to choose from we need to pick out the 2-5 keyword phrases that are best for our page.There are 3 major factors that will help you choose the keywords that are going to give you the biggest return on your investment.
  1. What is the search volume? Use your keyword research tool to get a good estimate of the overall search volume. You will want keywords that have a lot of search volume giving you more. By having a large search volume there is more opportunities for someone to see and click through to your website.

  2. How much competition is there? The best way to find out how much competition there is for a keyword is to use the Google Keyword Tool. Using this tool will save you a lot of time during the keyword selection process. With the Google Keyword Tool you can see how popular the search term is and the advertising competition side by side. NOTE: The competition shown with the Google Keyword Tool is for Google Adwords, but gives a good general estimate of competition. However, if you do not want to use the tool an alternative method is to simply type your keyword into the Google and see how many results there are. The more results Google finds for the keyword, the more difficult it will be to have your website listed within the top 10 results.

  3. How relevant is the Keyword to my business? When deciding on this keyword you need to ask youself, "How likely is the person using this search term going to become a customer?". After all, that is the end result we are looking for, not just to drive traffic to our Website. For example, I work for Website Design Company that focuses on Small Business. Therefore, I may choose the keyword Small Business Website Designers instead of the broad term Website Designers. Even though the keyword search term gets less traffic, the persons searching for that keyword are much more likely to be looking for the services I provide.
Place Keywords into Categories
I have found placing keywords into categories to be one of the key elements in converting site visitors into site buyers. Placing the keywords into categories will help you to choose the best keywords to use for each page, based on the content of the page and the objective of the page.

Let's pretend my list of keywords looks like the following:
  • Purchase Widgets in Somewhere, AR

  • Widget Companies in Somewhere, AR

  • Widget Reviews

  • Choosing the best Widget

  • Professional Widget Companies
From this list you will be able to clearly place each keyword into 2 categories. 'Those who are ready to purchase widgets' and 'Those who are researching widgets'. You should now be able to do this with your own list of keywords. Making this deistinction is a key element in converting visitors to your website into buyers.

Each page on your website should have keywords from only one category. If the page you are choosing keywords for is your products page then you will want to choose keywords from they 'Buyers' list. However, if the page is a testimonial from a customer then you will want to choose keywords from the 'Research' list. Following these steps benefit both you and the visitor by giving the visitor exactly the information they are looking for.

About the Author

Benjamin Bruner
Ben Bruner Web Productions
Ben Bruner is the Lead Developer and Quality Control Manager for Ben Bruner Web Productions. (BBWP) is a Florida Website Design Company

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