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Should You Just Care About The Price

By: Michael Covarrubias at iC Tek Solutions

Submitted on Fri, May 30th, 2008 3:22 am

Cost is always at the root of every project, but the question is how focused on the cost should you be?

When evaluating projects there are three key items that drive the success of a project. When we say success, we are not just talking about completing a project; the true measure of success is how well the solution works and meets your true needs also known as requirements.

Triangle Approach

So, what are the three key items that drive the success of a project? We consider them to make up a triangle that includes Cost, Time and Resources. Any single point on this triangle can move; however, when you move one point it is going to increase the length of the others resulting in constraints on the project. These constraints will most likely include project risks, which would then need to be assessed.

Thoughts Before You Make A Decision

Some items you may want to consider when selecting a company for your next web development or custom software project are below:

1. Is going with the cheaper company or freelancer going to cost more in the long run?
2. Why is there such a range in price quotes?
3. Is the experience of the company and individual(s) important to me?
4. Is having documentation one a project and a project plan really necessary for my project?

The list of questions are endless, however these four are very important and need to be addressed. Lets review each one of these major items for further thought and reasoning:
Is going with the cheaper company or freelancer going to cost more in the long run?

First thing to think about is what the company is offering as a solution. Is their solution sustainable? Will it be able to easily grow? Majority of individuals that go with the cheaper companies end up paying more in the long run because once the company finally understands what has to be done, they have to rework everything they already have. The result; an unsuccessful project.

Why is there such a range in price quotes?

In the areas of web design, development and software design, development the saying you get what you pay for is ever so true. If one company quotes a project at $10,000 and another quotes it at $2,000 and you choose the $2,000, are you really going to get exactly what you want? Ask yourself why is the other company quoting more? In most cases, it is because they have a better understanding, more experience and will actually deliver a quality product that will last.

Is the experience of the company and individual(s) important to me?

If youre looking to have a project complete in a professional and timely manor, then experience should count. Inquire about professional degrees and certifications of the personnel who may work on your project. Ask to see previous work and get references to be sure they are going to deliver exactly what you want.

Is having documentation on a project and a project plan really necessary for my project?

YES. No matter what, there should always be some sort of formal documentation that lays out the requirements and expected end results. Of course, with large projects the documentation should be more involved and include elements such as ERDs, SWIM diagrams, Data-Dictionaries and Process Flow Diagrams. Make sure that the developers know what you want and expect before they start working on it.

It is important to review and make a decision based not only on cost but the complete package. Just remember you get what you pay for.

About the Author

Michael Covarrubias
iC Tek Solutions
Michael Covarrubias is the owner and founder of iC Tek Solutions which was established in 2000. At that time, the company was named Macron Computing. However, with the growth of the company the ideology and purpose changed, so Michael changed the name to iC Tek Solutions (Informational Computing Technology Solutions) in January of 2003. Although still a small technology firm; iC Tek Solutions has grown within the 2007 year over 50% and increased revenue by 73%. Michael Covarrubias as well as the staff at iC Tek Solutions believes that technology is a tool that can help drive business growth. Technology is important, but that's just the first step. Technology provides the infrastructure, but how you use that technology in your Internet strategy and business inter working is the key to growth. Michael Covarrubias himself received his B.S.E in Computer System Engineering from Arizona State University.

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