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A Social Network is Difficult to Start isn't it?

By: Geek One at Dolphin Geeks, Inc.

Submitted on Sun, Sep 7th, 2008 8:18 am

With the emergence of MySpace, hi5, and facebook, many members are developing ideas about their own interests that may serve as an excellent theme for a social network. Many are discouraged by thinking that it requires them to a super technology guru, or some super whiz kid to start a social network.

You can now take a deep breath because no you do not need to be a jack of all technical trades to start and run a social network. Lets go through the minimum requirements to start and maintain a successful social network.

The Software

There are several Social Networking Scripts on the internet that will allow you to install and allow members to join your site. You can Google Social Networking Scripts to get a list of scripts that you can use. While these scripts will allow you to get a basic site up and running you will need to add some of your own customizations to make the software your own. There are freelancers that can help you with customizing your site.


You will need a webhost to host your social networking site. There are many webhosts that will offer you large amounts of disk space, at very low prices. While these may be important they are not the most important factors in choosing a webhost.

Reliability To have a successful social network your infrastructure must be reliable as members will want access to your site at all hours as your site will no doubt be visited from users all over the globe.

Configuration Does you webhost have their server configured to run your social networking script? This is very important as your webhosts server will have to meet the minimum server requirements of your social networking software. If your webhost cannot then you are likely to run into configuration errors that will result in site disruptions. There is nothing that can make your website become unpopular more quickly.


If you do not have the require technical skills to support your social network you will be required to from time to time hire a webmaster to assist you in this area. This is not difficult as you can Google webmasters or Social Network Support and you will be surprised how much help is available review several companies before making a decision.

In Conclusion

We are entering very exciting times on the Internet as we move toward sharing interests and ideas on a very large scale and you too can own your own social network. There is plenty of help should you require assistance in starting and maintaining your social network. If you have an idea please dont allow technology intimidation to rob you of your opportunity to create your social network.

About the Author

Geek One
Dolphin Geeks, Inc.
Geek One is a Technology Manager at Dolphin Geeks, a technology firm that specializes in development and support of Social Networks. Allow Dolphin Geeks to assist you in starting your social network. We offer turnkey packages as well as support of your existing social network. Please visit for more details.

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