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The 5 Crucial Steps Of Website Development

Submitted on Fri, Jan 23rd, 2009 3:04 am

The perils of not having a strong web presence are not unknown in the corporate world. For any business to be successful and boast of being up-to-date with times, it needs to have a place in the World Wide Web. However, having a mere presence on the Internet is not enough. For your online endeavors to be successful and to generate good revenue from the Internet, you will need to establish a strong web presence.

The Internet offers tremendous potential and opportunities for small businesses. It takes them on an international platform and acquires audiences from across the globe. The web offers a medium to market their ideas, products and services to a worldwide audience. But to do this effectively, a strong web presence is required.

Creating a website and uploading it on the internet is not a difficult task. But what differentiates a mere web presence and a strong web presence is the ability of the website to communicate to its audiences. And this is something that is a result of efficient web development services.

Website development is a complex procedure and involves a series of disciples and processes. Apart from technical expertise, one also requires sound market knowledge coupled with strategies for marketing promotion and writing tasks. Apart from creating an appealing website design, the website should be an extension of the core objectives of the business and seek to achieve the same. To ensure all this, powerful and efficient website development processes are required.

Here are 5 crucial steps in the process of website development:

Step 1 Market Research

Before you start the web development process, do some quality market research about the demand for products or services that you want to sell. Research on the Internet and gather adequate knowledge about the market you wish to enter. Scan through directories and use search engines to find information about other companies and websites who deal with similar products and services and analyze how they go about their businesses. Also, participate in forums and go through concerned blogs to gather general consumer opinion about the products and services you wish to market. This will give you valuable insight about how to develop the website i.e. what features need to be incorporated, what will work and what would not work in the market

Step 2 USP Creation

Its no use having a business or website that is just a clone of millions of other placed on the World Wide Web. For your website to stand apart from the crowd and get noticed by the consumers, you need to have something different that others dont have.

After you have researched about your market and niche audiences, develop a Unique Selling Point (USP) that sets you apart from the rest and makes your business appeal to the audiences. Also, define your keywords and key phrases that best target your audiences.

Step 3 Website Creation

Then comes the actual website development process! As easy it may sound, so complex it is. Apart from the technical process of creating a website, website development also involves you need to write quality content for the web pages, write sales letters, prepare auto responders, market the website with articles, get references etc. the best way to cut down maintenance hassles is to automate majority of the procedures. However, do make sure that you keep in constant touch with your audiences through newsletters etc.

Step 4 Traffic Generation

After the development process comes the website promotion part. Besides creating a website you also need to make its presence felt in cyberspace in order to acquire visitors. One of the excellent traffic generation methodologies is search engine optimization. It is all about optimizing the website such that it figures out on the top slots on the search engine results page so that maximum visitor traffic comes in.

Step 5 Testing

After you have deployed the website and tweaked it for perfection, it is time to check the results. Test your website on all the fronts for ways to improve it. Test various combinations of your website elements and decide what looks best. The idea is to get the best website!

About the Author

Maneet Puri
LeXolution IT Services P. Ltd.
Maneet Puri heads LeXolution IT Services (LIT), a renowned web development company in India. He is an expert of web solutions which includes web design & development, website maintenance, internet promotion, website redesign services. Besides, he has also successfully added KPO to his company. He has efficiently handled many off-shore projects related to web design, web development for his overseas clients.

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