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Link Baiting Hooks for Grabbing Greater Success

By: Sukesh Jakharia at SPINX Web Design

Submitted on Thu, Apr 23rd, 2009 5:43 am

Large number of websites are getting more inbound links through link baiting. You don't have to go on internet hunting for links, this technique of link baiting would get the required links through means of good site content. The procedure of link baiting comprises of images or videos, content that can get links, these things in turn produces higher number of one-way inbound links to your website.

Here the piece of information can be interesting and also white hat in order to attract greater website traffic. The ideas that are discussed by people and the floating data do guarantee greater number of links.

For creating link bait its not important to spend large amount of money nor you have to be a big brand to use it. Several websites have created link bait knowingly and many others created unknowingly too. This technique if handled and carried out in ethical manner, the search marketers can produce good quality of one-way inbound links.

The experts have compared the process of link baiting with that of fishing.The bait is send in the internet where there is waiting for a linkback. Here the content is the bait and linkback is the catch of it. A web page that is been designed in a proper manner have the ability to grab large amount of links without doing much efforts.

Link bait have different type of hooks in order to catch the required linkbacks for a website. These hooks are of different shapes and sizes. The list is as follows:

1. Resource hooks

Resource hook indicates web page that is informational in nature. To create this type of hook some amount of research is needed for crafting an article that is unique, appealing and remarkable in whatever topic it is needed. You should know what topic you are discussing otherwise you may loose the track of it.

2. Contrary hooks

These type of hook is usually controversial in nature, here you create content that challenges of contradict some other person's statement. The person whose statement is contradicted should be someone prominent of their particular industry so that controversy is created for attention.

3. News hooks

Using news hook demands the user to be on toes and well-informed round the clock. That means you have to be the first source for giving breaking news on any relevant topic to the customers. Also the news have to be interesting enough and good enough to produce curiosity.

4. Humor hooks

As the name suggests, here you have to add a funny story or video that can give big time exposure to your website for link baiting. It may sound easier but you have to create something really funny without hurting any public sentiments.

5. Attack hooks

Attack hooks is similar to that of contrary hooks but one level up. Here personal attacks are launched through debunking of theories.

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Sukesh Jakharia
SPINX Web Design
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