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Establish Trust Factor with Your Customers for Added Sales

By: Sukesh Jakharia at SPINX Web Design

Submitted on Fri, May 8th, 2009 1:43 am

A website that is successful in winning and establishing the trust of the target customers would surely earn increased revenues. Your website should create the arena of trust else all your efforts might get wasted. So the next thing that comes in your mind would be how to create such atmosphere.

The first impression should always be very strong, appealing and attention grabbing. Just a single strong feature in your site cannot build that strong bond of trust between your company and the visitors. Many simple and small details go about in creating a sense of reliability and stability important for your business.

But many website owners overlook this important fact of building trust in their user's mind. You can use the help of a good and well-reputed web design company to help you out. This added feature would always keep your site one step ahead of the competition and thus get competitive advantage.

Choose the website design properly, make sure it is capable to leave a positive first impression. The site has to be professionally designed and in accordance with the subject matter.

1. You can even install multimedia presentations with inserting audio presentations for better interaction.

2. Always ensure that your site has proper navigation buttons and placement. Easy navigation makes the user find out the information easily on your website.

3. Carry out content creation in a professional manner by using language that is easily understandable and free from any grammatical error. Update the site content at regular basis to keep it fresh and alive for the visitors.

4. The links that are placed in the site should be intact and well-placed. As weak links create confusion and bad impression of the visitors.

5. Always make online claims that you can fulfill, avoid making any false claims as it creates a very bad impression of your company in the long run.

6. Put the testimonials section in your website. You can also consider publishing third-party endorsements. If possible the names of the clients and the website links should be real. It is a great tool to build in the trust factor in the new customers.

7. Never post direct insulting comments about your competitors. Objective comparison is a better option as it shows professionalism.

8. Put emphasis on building image that is for long-term, don't go for short-term profits

9. Pay enough attention and emphasis while designing your website's 'home page' and 'about us' page. Make it comprehensive and interesting in order to catch hold the visitors' attention.

About the Author

Sukesh Jakharia
SPINX Web Design
SPINX INC. - A Leading Website Design and Development Company in Los Angeles

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