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Articles: June 2009

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Use Planned Ways for Blogging

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

Blogging is now turning into one of the most lucrative way to earn profits online and turn dreams into reality. You can make your blog section profitable in an easier manner. For this you need to......

Logo Design Creation for Better Business Branding and Popularity

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

Logos are very common elements that we come across in our day-today life in different spheres of life. It gives the much needed market image to a brand so its loved by companies. Logos can be......

Why It is Vitally Important to Trust Your Search Engine Marketing Company in a Down Economy

By Scott at Medium Blue

It's a fact of life in business that when there's an economic downturn, the first thing that's usually cut is available marketing spend, typically an unfortunate byproduct of accounting's inability......

We Love Web Design Competitions

By John at Integrity Technology Group LLC

Some people think cornering the market for a particular product is a good thing - I disagree. Having a better product than the competition is the real key - that’s why we love competition - it makes......

21 Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion Services

By Natalia at

Nowadays PSD-to-HTML conversion services are very popular and are used extensively. But no one would ever exploit them if they were not able to give any benefits. So what do you get when you hire an......

How to Design a Successful Logo

By Joe at Logomyway LLC

Is Your Logo helping you achieve success or pulling your Business down? The only key to design a successful logo is "Quality"! It is as simple as that. The brand names, trademarks and logo......

Make Money With Your Logo Design Talent

By Joe at Logomyway LLC

In parlance to the internet, with the websites multiplying in number in a matter of weeks, the demand of good designers is going only one way, north! The requirements of good graphic design, profile......

The Five Rules to a Great Logo Design

By Joe at Logomyway LLC

Logo design is as much a science as it is art. In fact, it has a host of scientific aspects to it that includes psychology and mathematics. This is because a good logo design is intended to act on......

Different Types of Logos

By Joe at Logomyway LLC

A logo is a symbol or an identification mark that conveys name, identity, type or ownership of your business or name. The main aim of a logo is to educe recognition. The logo works as a medium to......

Web Directory Submission And its Common Benefits

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

The highly competitive market on internet demands effective SEO tricks in order to gain top positions in search engine rankings. One of the most favorite and successful trick is of web directory......

Web 2.0 Drives Web Traffic to Your Site

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

Concept of advertising on world wide web has become extremely popular, this can be seen by the increasing number of online businesses. Before the advent of web 2.0's applications the network......

Flash Animation for Attractive Website Presentation

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

Before the invention of computers and internet hand drawings and paper documents ruled the scene. But now gone are the days of paper and pencil, the electronic media has replaced them. Emails have......

Keywords Usage and Its Importance in SEO

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

Wanna have best search engine optimization for your website? Then you cannot ignore the importance of keywords if you want a SEO optimized website. You can come across many keyword tools online......

Achieving Brand Leadership in the Age of E

By Ed at Delia Associates

The benefits of being a brand leader are endless. Brand leaders attract talented employees, have increased bargaining power, don't have to sell on price, and routinely receive the lion's share of......

How Two Point O are you?

By Ed at Delia Associates

In other words, what “version” of the Internet experience are you providing visitors to your Web site? Is your content static or dynamic? Are you preaching, teaching…or interacting? Are you creating......

Herding HiPPOs: 4 Ways to Keep Your Expertise from Getting Trampled

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

What’s a HiPPO you ask? Have you ever been given the responsibility of designing/developing a new marketing piece (website, brochure, etc.) only to have your design or content ideas......

A Beginners Guide to Navigating Paid Search

By Scott at Medium Blue

In the paid search world, one of the most overlooked elements of campaign success is geo-targeting. For national advertisers, PPC geo-targeting is an absolute must; however, few are utilizing this......

Basic Tips for Website Promotion

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

Website promotion is a matter of concern for all website owners and they are constantly looking for newer ways to do it. After you have got a well designed site due to changing market scene and......

Graphic Designs for Corporate Design Creation

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

For any company establishing brand identity in the market and creating brand awareness are very essential segments for their success. Major brands are recognized by their exclusive logos and symbols......

How To Get The Most Out Of PSD to XHTML Conversion Services

By Natalia at

In web development projects when it comes to turn .psd, .ai, etc designs into xHTML/CSS code, a common option will be to use PSD-to-HTML slicing services. And a natural question raising here is: How......

The Web, You have to be a part of it

By Kevin at Ideation Web Studios

In today’s economy everyone is concerned with the dreaded S word…Spending! It is a known fact that the first budgets that are cut are usually within a company’s marketing department. The company......

Search Engine Friendly Pages

By Paisit at Kapilakan Web Design

There is no point in building a website unless there are visitors coming in. A major source of traffic for most sites on the Internet is search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista and so on.......

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