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Articles: July 2009

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Image Optimization in SEO for Faster Loading of Websites

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

Usage of internet all over the world is on constant rise and newer technologies have come up to make it faster and better. Earlier dial-up connection was used by most of the internet users but now......

Optimizing the Flash Website for Higher Rankings

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

If your website contains complex content which you want to put it in a fixed space on the website without the need to alter the web page design , then flash animation is the right option for you.......

AJAX Technology for Giving Better Look to your Website

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

AJAX is a unique programming language that can be used on various types of operating systems and web applications that is based on DOM and Java Script. It uses client-side scripting for exchange of......

Online Consulting Leads to Better Online Business Image and Profits

By Sukesh at SPINX Web Design

In the field of internet marketing specialized service of online consulting is offered which can help your business earn greater revenues. There are different ways in which you can boost up your......

Engage your Market with the Use of Social Media Marketing

By Oliver at WebTalent SEO

Right now your customers are flocking to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Your competitors are also flocking there in droves to participate in the online “conversation”......

Chasing Bing and The Truth behind the Hype

By Scott at Medium Blue

In recent weeks, we've noticed a surge in clients calling us to ask questions like "what's up with Bing?" Or, "are you optimizing for Bing?" Even "are you taking advantage of Bing?" In other......

Custom Website vs a Template: Why a Custom Website will be better for your business

By Jules at

Most of the business owners are generally interested in reducing the cost of the business in order to generate the share of profits. Nevertheless when it comes to frame the Custom Web Design they......

Web Design vs Web Development

By Greg at The Web Design Guyz

Everyone that accesses the Internet should be familiar with websites and the different types of formats that are available. What some users may not know is how these websites came to be and what......

Ease Your Website Design and Programming Process with PHP Includes

By Jonathan at HPWebSolutions Website Design

This is the first part of a series of mini how-tos that will help you get websites to production quicker. In this article I will talk about using PHP includes during development. Many times you......

What is a design brief?

By NIck at BittenByDesign

A design brief is something that is vital to any design project, as it will provide the designer(s) with all the information needed to create a great visual design solution. There is no single,......

Your brand is not your logo

By Patrick at pdh Creative

Branding. It's becoming such a played out, over used and misunderstood term these days that it's practically meaningless. Your brand is not your logo, it's your company's Soul...the underlying......

Do you really know why you are paying your SEO company every month?

By Jonathan at Momentum Web Solutions Limited

In the current economic climate, businesses are evaluating budgets and looking for ways to improve efficiency and save money. Regular monthly payments are examined and justified. Can an alternative......

How Important is Web Design and SEO?

By Richard at Website Designers Vancouver

Whether your company is large or small, you must have a web presence that works for your business. Commanding a powerful presence on the World Wide Web has become a table stake. A company's web......

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