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7 Reasons Why a Website Can Be Your Best Friend in a Down Economy

By: Veronica Eyenga at VBP OutSourcing

Submitted on Wed, Sep 9th, 2009 10:12 am

Yes, it’s true that a professionally designed website initially costs a pretty penny but the keyword in that sentence is “initially.” For anyone who has owned a business, currently owns a business or who is looking to start a business should know that in order to get your company off the ground, you must make an initial investment. A website is one of those “initial investments” that a business owner must make and if used just right, a website can be your company’s best friend.

Have you ever entered a site and been bombarded with paragraphs and paragraphs of content, crazy colors, flash animation and video all at once? Well, take a deep breath because you have just experienced an e-Overload. We are now in a digital era of communication and your web image is vital in the efforts of reaching your target audience.

When it comes to a well-crafted website, make sure you are:

Simple: An overwhelming website is going to frustrate your customers, driving them away from your website and ultimately your business. A website with one page of useful information will attract customers while getting your company’s vision out to your targeted audience. Keep the downloading speed at 4 seconds or less to

User-Friendly: The goal of your website is to attract people and keep them coming back for more. A site that is easy to navigate will do just that. A site map, similar to a table of contents for a book, is a necessary piece to your website. It allows the visitor to quickly search the pages included in your website while creating an easier way for search engines to cache your website pages.

Flash/Graphics: Including any type of graphic from videos to scrolling pictures to games will maintain the interest of your customers, keeping them on your website longer. It will also showcase the talent and experience that your company will put forth with any project presented to them. A little bit of flash is good because it also lets the audience know that you are familiar with today’s technology.

Contact Information: Make sure that your contact information link - company name, address, phone/fax number, email address and name of contact person – is clear and can be seen so people will be able to access this information quickly and easily. How else are interested visitors going to get in touch with you?

Consistent and Relevant: Not normally tagged as being high importance, consistency is key to any successful website. The logo, as well as, the contact information must be in the same spot on every page. Also, if you haven’t revamped your website since 2005, highly consider getting a move on that this year. An up-to-date site will not only increase your online visibility but your customers will have more trust and respect for your business.

Error-Free: A huge mistake a lot of web sites commit is server incompatibility. With numerous web browsers users have to choose from, companies must build their website to support each platform. Remember to check site compatibility on all possible operating systems including Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome before you set your web site live. Another tip: check spelling and grammar too!

Customer Focused: Successful websites will always put their customers first. Style and design is not everything in having a website that produces results. Make sure that every page offers something valuable to the customers. When putting your customer’s needs in focus, a good ratio to keep in mind is 75% copy and 25% advertising.

If you keep these 7 tips in mind while designing, revamping or having your website created, then your business could be at the top of its’ class in no time. Good luck

About the Author

Veronica Eyenga
VBP OutSourcing
Veronica Eyenga, the owner and president of VBP OutSourcing, Inc., is a ball of fire when it comes to making things happen, especially with her business. Earning a coveted spot on the Baltimore Business Journal’s list of the Top 50 MBE’s in the Baltimore area just last year, VBP is continuing to thrive in today’s harsh economy. Over 11 years ago, at a time when many women were still struggling to make a name in their career, Veronica went against the norm and took a risk. Beginning her dream from the basement of her own home, Veronica’s mission was and still is to provide an alternative, as well as a solution, to hiring a full-time staff of employees. Living by her favorite quote, “Imagination is the beginning of everything,” Veronica wanted to prove that women could follow their dreams, no matter how big they might be, by simply believing in themselves and never giving up hope.

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