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Website SEO for Small Business

By: Eric Tonk at NaviCrate Web Solutions

Submitted on Wed, Sep 9th, 2009 3:05 am

SEO is critical to the success of an internet site but unfortunately, it is a very befuddling thing for new website owners. Many people feel like they can win on their own without using professional search engine optimization services while others feel that search engine optimization is best left to the experts. While search engine optimization is not easy and methods for getting top-ranking are ever changing, an ongoing commitment to learning about search engine optimization will save you time and money as well as improving the performance of your website.

Accomplishing higher-ranking in the search engines through effective search engine optimization is like free advertising. It is the most consistent way to drive loads of traffic to your website. Traffic combined with good sales copy and a quick loading website converts browsers to buyers and can skyrocket your sales. The majority of people that visit a website find the website in the search engines.

Moreover, they usually dont browse past the first two pages in the search results. So using search engine optimization to get top-ranking in the major search engines is vastly significant if you desire the amazing amounts of traffic that the search engines can direct to your website. A major misconception about search engine optimization is that the alternative to it is to buy your way to the top of the search engines through pay-per-click advertising.

There are some definite advantages to pay-per-click advertising because it is easier to achieve and maintain a top position in the search engines. Also, with pay-per-click advertising you only pay for click-throughs and you can get listed quickly. But, it can be costly if you fail to manage your pay-per-click campaigns forcefully and constantly. The biggest miscue that website operators make in using the pay- per-click search engine services over search engine optimization is not considering the value of each website visitor.

Because you are paying for every click to your website it is critical that your maximum bid for the keyword does not surpass the value of the click. Without enough attention to that component, your pay-per- click advertising costs can consume your needed advertising funds rather rapidly.

For search engine optimization to work and to work over and over again, your website has to be submitted to the search engines initially and resubmitted periodically. You need to monitor the effectiveness of your search engine optimization and maintain it.This is necessary because the search engine indexing rules change frequently and such changes can cause your site to move down in ranking without ongoing search engine optimization efforts.

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About the Author

Eric Tonk
NaviCrate Web Solutions
Navicrate Web Solutions has provided companies, small businesses and professionals with no-nonsense web design that emphasizes the latest Web 2.0 technologies and social media tools. Our web development solutions include e-commerce, content management systems and social media tools. We help organizations build an effective web presence that will ultimately boost your bottom line. Navicrate Web Solutions wants to be an integral partner in your success. Let us help your organization reach its full potential.

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