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Process of Website Design Has To Be In Multiple Stages

By: Sukesh Jakharia at SPINX Web Design

Submitted on Thu, Jun 9th, 2011 1:13 am

When you want to build a house, do you directly tell the mason to arrange the bricks and start using the concrete? No, you will never think of such foolishness. Same is the case with website designing. You need to plan the website design process step by step. There are multiple stages involved in a systematic web design process. Some of the main stages in this process are as follows.

Preparing the flowchart and its importance

Once a concept germinates in your mind the next step is preparing the flowchart. The flowchart is a way of presenting the web design process or any other process in the form of diagram. This visual chart shows the website structure. A properly prepared flowchart reveals the elements of website, the navigational links, the titles or headings of the items or elements, the possibility of the main pages containing other pages, and finally the title or heading of the pages contained in the main page.

A flowchart gives direction to the web design process. It helps to organize the flow of information. It assists in knowing how much quantity of content is necessary for designing the web site. The flowchart also shows the usability of the website.

Preparing the model or wireframe

The model or wireframe is the mock webpage. One can either use the software for mockup available in the market or the pencil and paper. When preparing the model or wireframe care should be taken that it is in accordance with the flowchart that is already prepared and should include the vital elements like navigation, images, logo and breadcrumbs. The wireframe should include only the text and not the graphics. The model or wireframe should result in a layout that is properly organized, clean, void of cluttering and should be user friendly too. The model should reveal the location of the logo, content, login box and breadcrumbs.

Executing the flowchart and wireframe

This is the final stage in the process of web designing. This stage involves creation of the content as well as the graphical user interface. The graphical user interface is usually known by its acronym GUI and as design too. It is in this stage that the images are coded to create the web design. The markup or the coding is used by the browsers to display the website for the users of the internet. The flowchart and the wireframe that were prepared earlier are used in this stage for the creation of the final design and final layout of the webpage. Prior to the using any coding language for creating the website the earlier stages and steps should be checked for any errors. Modification of error is easy prior to coding but once the coding is done it becomes very difficult to amend or resolve the errors and issue.

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Sukesh Jakharia
SPINX Web Design
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