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Get Your Mobile Friendly Website Design

By: Hogward Steve at Forix, LLC

Submitted on Thu, Nov 24th, 2011 1:56 am

Mobiles have become a must in this hurried world and Smartphones are no more a luxury and their extensive use has made it a necessity. The major reason is the matchless revolution in technology, lifestyle and trends. People all around the world have started using their Smartphones for each and everything, either for personal or official purpose. A day is started with the use of a mobile app to search the route for a particular destination for the day or for looking the necessary information for a specific task for the day. People searching for desktop computers for sending mails to their friends or for doing video calls to their family or for searching particular information have reduced to a greater extent. The populace have started using their mobile phones for everything, right from calling, messaging, mailing, listening to music, browsing, downloading the essential information, watching videos, performing business operations and much more. In such a mobile-driven world, it is the right time to act wise and build a mobile-friendly website design for achieving ultimate success promptly.

Mobile web services are of great demand with the introduction of splendid Smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and more. According to a reliable research in 2010, it has been revealed that about 73 million Americans use the web services through a mobile browser. If this is the number with just America, then think of the number of mobile web users all over the world. Prepare yourself for establishing your business worldwide by getting a mobile-friendly website design. The benefits of it are:

Rapid growing technology: It is always good to be in pace with the changing world. This is what the popular saying Be a Roman when you are in Rome expresses. Be on par with the rapid growing technology and try to grab the attention of millions of mobile web services users with your single effort of launching a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-optimized website enhances the user experience, fulfills them and leaves an optimistic impression in their minds. In this speedily obsessed technological world, no one wants to look for a desktop website on their Smartphones, where thousands of websites are optimized expressly for handheld devices.

Improve leads and traffic for business: Only a mobile-affable website can help you in getting higher rankings in the mobile sociable search engines like Yahoo and Google. It also aids in placing your website in numerous mobile directories. This contributes to the increase in the number of business leads and potential traffic for your business. A mobile website can instantaneously facilitate you to outride your competitors by creating an exceptional brand identity, attracting abundant visitors traffic to your website.

Enhance marketing with QR codes: A mobile-friendly website helps in enhancing your marketing with QR codes. A Quick Response code can be exhibited in print and it can then be interpreted into electronic messaging like a SMS, website URL or an email address, when it is scanned with a Smartphone. Mobile gadgets have the capacity to overpass the gap between offline and online media with the utilization of QR codes. The QR codes printed on your brochures, billboards, advertisements, posters etc will take the users to your mobile landing page, which contain extensive information about your products and services. This makes your marketing efforts interactive and this synchronization between your web and printing media through mobile devices increase the value of your marketing endeavors.

Better Portability: Mobile websites have the potential to reach the audience anytime, anywhere. No more connectivity troubles as the newest technology have contributed to the excellent inbuilt features in a Smartphone. Such kind of invariable connectivity makes the mobile website portable and it opens the door for unmatched opportunities to reach the target audience in numerous ways.

Is it not too late to get your mobile-friendly website designed, as you know that The early bird catches the worm.

About the Author

Hogward Steve
Forix, LLC
FORIX is a Portland Web Design company provides high quality, yet affordable small business websites and web development in Portland, Oregon and Southwest Washington. FORIX works with you to determine what you need, as well as the most economical route to get there. The Forix Portland Website Design are suitable for small business, entrepreneurs, associations, nonprofits and event promotion.

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