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Quality vs Quantity: What are Your Values?

By: Scott Seiter at DesignFirms

Submitted on Sat, Jan 7th, 2012 1:58 pm

The world is a very competitive place. So competitive in fact, we now have to think bigger and better than ever before; especially when it comes to standing out in a saturated market. Everything has been done and done again, every brand is just another label on a shelf consisting of millions of other brands. One day, we will wake up and find that the markets are so divided, niched and overdone, that nothing will be left. When an idea takes off, it really is anyone's game; even if you were the first one to start playing.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie

The Internet is a great place for people to market their company, organization or cause, but the problem with it is, everyone has one. Joe, Sally and Paul all do the same thing and are fighting for that number one spot. They all want success, but there is more than one way to get it.

Joe wants to automate the process, plans to setup a template-based ecommerce store and expects the clients to begin rolling in the door. He's the "get them in, get them out" type of guy that only cares about the numbers. He hired his uncle to build the site and paid him in aluminum, filled with alcohol. The orders come in and they go out. After some time, his client base slowly decreases simply because they were just another number to be counted.

Sally is good at filing paperwork and playing big business; she knows her product inside and out. She spent a ton of money creating a brand, developing a website, business cards, etc., investing heavily in marketing her product. Sounds like the perfect case study, doesn't it? Well, Sally could not be human if her life depended on it. When the calls start coming in, she becomes lazy and demanding, adding to the downfall of her investment. She wants it her way and her way only. Besides, it's her business, she works for herself and the luxurious lifestyle, leaving little room for anyone else to come first.

Now Paul has been there before. He's bought the products, been through the system enough to know how it works, but not necessarily the best way to move forward when it comes to obtaining new customers. The difference between Paul and the others is that Paul knows who the customer is; he understands what they want, how much it should cost and the most effective way to get it to them. He wakes up every morning thinking about how he can help improve the world and therefore fully comprehends the value of his product. He knows how important his work is, because he makes a living off of it. He values his investment, so he will invest in his value; Paul is the customer.

The real truth about value

Many companies are on the path that Joe and Sally took. They want the world, but aren't willing to do the hard work necessary to obtain true success. They rush in quickly, doing what sounds good at the time, putting band-aids on massive wounds that need serious attention, and in the end, never develop a solid foundation. Sure, the mountain to perfection is daunting; there will always be growing pains, because doing it right isn't always easy. But, the one thing successful people know, is that success isn't guaranteed. Your best bet is to value your product, the customer. Because without them, you're pretty much nothing.

What do you value?

So, are you one that wants it now, and as cheap as possible? Or do you understand that good things come to those who diligently invests blood and sweat into their adventures? We all know who wins; it surely isn't the one who gets there first! They may run a good race, but in the end they're just another blur during the pass by.

About the Author

Scott Seiter
Scott lives and breathes DesignFirms. Everyday, he learns new things and applies those learnings to improving the site. From choosing what color to use, to making sure people play nice, Scott virtually has his hands in all aspects of the design and marketing world.

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