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Starting an eCommerce Website: Basics to Consider

By: Justin Smith at OuterBox Solutions, Inc.

Submitted on Mon, Jan 16th, 2012 1:29 pm

E-commerce, which is a by-product of the worldwide internet and technological revolution, basically entails the carrying out of financial transactions over the internet. Examples include buying of goods, commodities, etc, selling and/or leasing or property and goods, paying bills or carrying out trade online. As such, the concept of internet based financial transactions makes for a very popular and highly coveted phenomenon because it allows people an unprecedented level of flexibility and convenience. All those who are looking forward to start an e-commerce website of any nature therefore have a variety of aspects that they need to consider which include financial and identity security, ease and convenience of use, website layout and design and also provision of help and connectivity services on the website.

Of these things, the primary consideration will obviously be given to the overall financial and identity security on the website. Since the website entails sensitive details of identity and financial instruments such as credit/debit cards and so on, the security under which these transactions are carried out are extremely essential. When setting up the site, users must pay extreme attention to the encryption systems in use, the type of anti-virus, anti-hacking, anti-phishing measures to be used and also the systems included for the prevention of malicious content and ad-ware. Measures such as SSL encryption security and secure third party merchant payment gateways can ensure a very high level of security and are therefore commonly used. People can also ensure the integrity of the system by having a user name and password based system which can substantially cut down any external attacks in the initial stages itself.  Remember, the programming and development of your website is the foundation for everything that comes after it.

The second major consideration would be the layout and the design of the website. As such, this aspect is more important from the customer’s point of view. The site layout and content must be easily understood and navigated in. Also, the content must be able to explain all the steps involved in the payment systems and also the different kinds of payment systems supported by the website. If the layout is simple and the buttons and the entry methods are easy to understand and use, it allows for greater customer satisfaction and higher transaction security.

For all those who are confused as to how to go about setting up a fully functional and effective e-commerce website, there are a large number of eCommerce web design companies available which have trained experts on their rolls who can set up the entire website layout and the payment methods and the gateways for the owner. There are also a number of specialists who work individually and can be hired by people on a full time or consulting basis. You can also use these types of firm for eCommerce SEO and Marketing. As such, taking the help of these professionals in setting up the site is extremely helpful and allows users a greater level of control and flexibility in terms of the design, content and security of the website. A specialized approach with competent and extremely up to date information and technical knowledge is always superior and may cut down the time and money spent in the running and maintenance of the site.

About the Author

Justin Smith
OuterBox Solutions, Inc.
Justin Smith studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh while founding OuterBox Solutions. He is an expert eCommerce Website Designer and has mastered Search Engine Marketing. His strong passion for art and computers blended to form strong website design and development skills. Justin has been involved in website design since 1998. OuterBox Solutions was founded in 2004 as primarily a freelance website design company, working directly with clients and various local advertising agencies. Currently, OuterBox has grown to a team of 10, offering custom eCommerce solutions and search engine marketing services as well as a wide range of general advertising services. Notable achievements include being the featured eCommerce expert on CNBCs The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, an OuterBox website appearance on CBS, outstanding rankings for various highly competitive national keywords (#1 out of 200,000,000 + sites) and a client list of over 200 satisfied businesses, both large and small. OuterBox Solutions headquarters is located in downtown Akron, Ohio in the historic Selle Building.

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