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Cheating 101: Copying the Copycat

By: Scott Seiter at DesignFirms

Submitted on Mon, May 21st, 2012 2:09 pm

Quality content is by far the most valuable asset your website can have; no successful Internet marketer will deny it. However, knowing what to present and how to present it can be quite daunting, especially when it comes to getting your message across in a way that is not only understandable, but inspires and engages the user to take action. A great piece generally takes quite a bit of planning, not to mention the hours or even days spent on actual composition.

Researching, testing, bouncing ideas off the wall - it's not easy. Doing what everyone else is doing is easy. Knowing your stuff is what really separates the men from the boys (or the women from the girls).

Anyone can put words on a piece of paper and call it an article. Hello world! I can also find an old tire in a landfill and call it a flowerbed, but everyone knows it's still reused junk. The web truly is a double-edged sword, so let me take a second to get bipolar on your creative asses!

In its beauty, the Internet allows everyone to take what they love online. Bakers can bake and sell their goods, service providers can give quotes and connect with potential customers. However, when everyone does it, everyone does it. The characters begin piling up into a mountain of textual garbage that we, the readers, have to sift through to find what really serves us. What should be simple becomes ever more difficult!

Everyday I browse the web, looking to learn, be inspired or possibly even have my mind blown by someone. Sadly, all I ever see is the same article over and over and over again, by a different author with a new combination of words.

It reminds me of a high schooler working on a ten page history report in which he/she never payed attention to during class. Coming up with someting from nothing, especially when they don't understand the subject matter, is better left to the straight A nerds. Some will learn to do their own work, while others copy. Even worse, those that copy the encylopedia word for word. In all the time we've been growing and learning, nothing has really changed. Those that do the work are copied by those that don't.

Our job as savvy creators of tomorrow is learning to distinguish the true from the false and give credit where credit is due. How many of one thing do we really need? Waste is a big word, but honestly, a good, deep cleaning is way over due!

About the Author

Scott Seiter
Scott lives and breathes DesignFirms. Everyday, he learns new things and applies those learnings to improving the site. From choosing what color to use, to making sure people play nice, Scott virtually has his hands in all aspects of the design and marketing world.

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