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The Amazing Landing Page: How to Create One With Your Design Skills

By: Mark Spenser at Plaveb Corporation

Submitted on Sat, Aug 4th, 2012 2:02 am

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing page can be defined as the page where visitors arrive after they click on a link. Basically, it is the web page which you want your visitors to view first when they visit your site. It can be anything – the home page, an intro page or any other page from your website.

Why are Landing Pages So Important?

A Landing page acts as a sales pitch for your site; a well-designed Landing page engages the visitors and interacts with them. This in turn makes them take a decision in your favor - be it taking a desired call-to-action or making a purchase on the site.

So, once you have assessed your target audience (the people who will be visiting your site), you can custom design the Landing page as per their preferences. It gives you a chance to showcase your site differently than other sites of the same genre and impress them at the first sight itself.

How Can You Craft Amazing Landing Pages?

No matter what kind of website design you have, it is advisable that you make an outstanding Landing page for it. There is no hard and fast rule of designing a Landing page as such, so I am going to share a list of some common tips (which I have noticed in many a websites). Let’s take a look at them:

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The content on your Landing page is of utmost importance. It is a sneak peek into the site and the products or services which you intend to sell. Chances are that your visitors will only visit the Landing page at give point of time, and won’t visit it again, so make the best of their visit. You can do this by highlighting the key traits of your site and also the products/services on your site through the Landing page.

For example, assume that your site is about Europe tours. What you can do is create an interactive map of Europe and the exotic destinations there, and make that your Landing page.

Be Professional In Your Approach

Show your customers you mean business by making your Landing page look simple and professional. What I mean is – be direct and keep and to the point. This will surely make an impact on your end-users; they would know what exactly to expect from the site and would want to check it out immediately.   

Balance Whitespace

Balance the white space in your Landing page; don’t stuff it with too many design elements or content. Also, take care not to leave it too blank either. Clutter or gaps in your Landing page will leave a poor impression about your site and the visitors will abandon your site then and there.

Hence, maintain a text-to-image ratio, keep a check on the line spacing, paragraph spacing and character spacing to balance the whitespace in your Landing pages.

Make it Visually Appealing (not appalling)

Last but the most important pointer is to make your Landing page attractive. It should please the visitors and leave an impression upon them at the first sight itself. Play with colors, fonts, graphics and most importantly your imagination to design a visually appealing Landing page for your end-users.

I hope you will find these above mentioned tips useful for designing your Landing page. Use them to increase your potential customer base and conversion ratio for your websites.

About the Author

Mark Spenser
Plaveb Corporation
The author is associated with the leading Web Design and Website Development Company based in Los Angeles, CA.

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