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Great website design needs to take mobiles into consideration

By: Sukesh Jakharia at SPINX Web Design

Submitted on Mon, Nov 18th, 2013 6:38 am

What is good website design? In this article we’ll examine some user friendly tips for web design in view of the rise in the number of smartphones and tablets that people are using all over the world. The huge increase of these devices has resulted in more browsing, buying etc. So for your business to grab a bigger share of the market you must have affordable and good web design. You can also opt for advertising and use both if you wish. Essentially, as fewer people are sitting on desk computers, your website must be suitable for all mobile devices so visitors can access it all the time. So how do you make your site seamless which will provide a great user experience? Use the tips that are given below in this article.

Remove unnecessary fields

Visitors are put off by unnecessary queries on both desktops and mobile devices. They get irritated when they have to answer too many questions and sometimes they even get agitated and leave the site they are visiting. So, have the minimum number of fields for visitors to fill in. For example, instead of asking all three names of a person, just ask them to fill up ‘Name’. Particularly in mobiles, where space is limited, it’s best to have the minimum number of fields.

Selection options

It will be a good idea to have an increment selector so that mobile users can speed up the selection procedure as well as updates. Selection from a dropdown menu of radio button or checkbox group is fine, but the job becomes awkward on smartphones for the latter are small gadgets. The more the options the tougher it gets, besides taking too much time.

‘Guest’ instead of registration

Allow visitors to check in as guests instead of making them fill up big registration pages when they have to sign in to your site. There are better chances that they will stay for a longer period as ‘guests’ than on registration pages.

Progress bar

Take advantage of your visitors’ anxiety level, which, a study states, goes up when they watch the progress bar. Since they are eager to know what they will see next and what will happen after that, they keep on looking at the status bar. So, due to anxiety, they will stay on the page till the task is completed.

Don’t distract visitor

Ask your visitor only frequently asked questions (FAQs) after he/she has checked in to your site. When a visitor signs in he/she is showing a readiness to buy something from you; if suddenly another link is proffered to him/her, the visitor will get distracted from the buying decision. Also, since they will be using their mobiles, remove social media sites and all other unnecessary redirects or diversions.


Your site must be mobile compatible besides having a light design. Heavy designs will mean that the users will have to stay for a longer period for the site to open and studies show that most of them don’t wait for more than five seconds. So compatibility and page optimization are essential factors for good web design.

Summing Up…

As we have seen above, a web design must be clear and simple to understand. It must be streamlined and lightweight so that it opens fast. In sum, it must give the users a great experience.

About the Author

Sukesh Jakharia
SPINX Web Design
SPINX INC. - A Leading Website Design and Development Company in Los Angeles

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