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Top Tips for Creating Quality Content for Your Ecommerce Website

By: David Martin at Traffic Online

Submitted on Sun, Apr 6th, 2014 11:24 am

If you want your eCommerce website to be successful in this competitive world, you must make an extra effort to create effective content that attracts the attention of those who are visiting your website. Creating a reader community and building trust among your visitors will help you in selling the products you products. Well-written content has the power to turn your visitors into permanent customers and here are some tips that will help you in doing exactly that.

Inspire with FAQs

Your eCommerce website design will have to incorporate a section on FAQs as well. However, when creating these FAQs, don’t make the mistake of making them automatic and boring to read. Instead, make use of some humor and creativity and inspire your visitors with videos and other such great interactivity options. Making your FAQ pages interesting to read will help you attract quality traffic and will help you get your name in the industry.

Create Resource Pages

One of the reasons why people will want to visit your eCommerce website is so that they can get important information about all that is going on in the industry. Therefore, it is crucial that you create professional and quality resource pages for each of the topics you want to talk about. Once you have created these pages, develop your own content and add a little of your own personality and thoughts. Don’t forget to include some famous quotes as well as this is a very attractive feature.

Research Content

Content writing is an art; however, as with any other forms of art, sometimes you run out of ideas and are in need of some inspiration. If you are stuck at a point then you can go to top content websites that have been successful in creating quality pages and take up some tips from there. There are plenty of websites that will help you in creating creative and quality content but some of the most popular ones are Stumble Upon, Delicious, Quora and Instapaper.

Ask Others to Contribute

One very good method to keep your users interested and create quality content in the process is to ask them to write for you. Look at some of the product reviews, comments or funny posts that have been left by certain visitors and customers and ask them if they can contribute blogs, articles or even videos for your website. Once you have this user based content, make certain that you mention their name at the end of each post.

Get Imaginative with Videos

Other tips that you can use to make your content a lot interesting is to grab a camera and make how-to videos about things that your audience wants information about. These videos can be put along with your video or can even be uploaded on YouTube and other such famous video websites. Remember, the more information you provide your customers, the more interested they are going to be.

Become an Expert

Once you are ready, you start publishing your own media pieces. However, before you do this, ensure that you become an expert in the field so the people reading your content can really trust and rely on the information that you are providing. Update your readers about latest events and industry news and you’ll start making customers in no time at all.


Creating and managing an eCommerce website can be challenging, but if you are able to create quality content then you’ll begin to get the fruits of your labor soon.

About the Author

David Martin
Traffic Online
Traffic Online offers web design Dubai and SEO Dubai Services. Traffic Online is the leading website design and internet marketing company in Dubai. Our services contains creative web designing, web development, SEO, CMS, PPC, SEM and SMO campaigns.

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