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April 2010 Award Winners

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Perpendicular 3

This flyer was done for a friend of mine I have done 100's of fliers but I really like how this one turned out. One of the fe...

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Milleret Solstice Campaign

Etymologically "Solstice" means "the sun stood still". It is this period of time when the sun appears to rise and set at almo...

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Past Life Poster

An original concept and design for the FOX series, "Past Life."...

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ThermoLife International

A high impact redesign of a new clients logo. Original logo was leaving much to be desired and the brand needed a fresh look....

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Human Target Poster

An original concept and design for the FOX hit series, "Human Target."...

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Gusto Biodegradable Pot Wrapper

Objective: Gusto was looking to create a fun, earth-friendly gift for their clients to celebrate the launch of their new br...

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Gusto Billboards

Objective: To increase fire safety awareness using a variety of media, vehicles and prominent public spaces such as billboa...

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Gusto C'mon Guys, Get Firewise Brand

Objective: The ‘C’mon Guys Get Firewise’ brief was to make fire safety relevant for today’s children, engaging a range of c...

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Gusto Identity

Objective: Seeking greater recognition for its high calibre design, Gusto needed to create a fresh identity. This would bet...

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By Nature By Hand Tree Mix

Vigneri Chocolate: By Nature BY Hand Tree Mix. Designed packaging for three varieties. Sold nation wide....

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Hamburg Oktoberfest

Hamburg Oktoberfest poster. Designed logo that was published....

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Dundee Oktoberfest POP display

This is a retail case card for Dundee Oktoberfest. This is 16x20 with an easel back that sits on cases at retail. Included a ...

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Dundee Honey Brown MIR display

This is a easel back oversized tear pad that sits on case displays at retail. The sheets tear off and has rules, and mir inst...

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Subaru Impreza Stability Ad - Only Subaru Can Do This....

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