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Graphic Design Award: Winner

The Following Entry has Won the DesignFirms™ May 2010 Graphic Design Award

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Mitchell, Inc. Target Marketing Piece

Design by: SkillStorm

This piece was created to target a specific potential client for SkillStorm. Our design team wanted to create a piece that was “outside of the box” and eye-catching. This particular potential client, Mitchell, Inc., was looking for a new vendor because they felt their existing vendor was too large and not providing them with the kind of personalized service they wanted. Based on this information, the design team put together a custom-made piece that told a story, much like a children’s book. The ten-page booklet is designed to be viewed from two angles—it can be read, flipped over and then read again. One side of the booklet illustrates seven reasons for Mitchell, the potential client, to work with SkillStorm and on the flip side, seven reasons for SkillStorm to work with Mitchell are shown. Each page depicts one of the seven reasons with a short tagline, description and an applicable hand-drawn illustration. The booklet is printed on linen paper and is saddle stitched. The entire piece was created in-house, from start to finish including the concept, copywriting, design, illustration, printing and scoring/ binding.

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Everyone thinks their designs are the best; we beg to differ. While each and every piece of art is "precious" in it's own way, real design not only stands out, but creates action. If you think your designs have "it", apply for our award!

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