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Is Blog a four letter word?

By: Robert Bravery at Integralwebsolutions

Submitted on Fri, Aug 15th, 2008 10:58 am

What in the world is this blogging? I've been in IT for many years. Been programming with different languages. One thing that I have found is that the Internet is a living organism. It changes on a daily basis. What was good yesterday is not good for today. New things appear, old things disappear. What strikes me is that new words and terms are defined. Blog and Blogging have been out for a while now I know. But I have never gotten in to it. Since I started out on my own in business, I started looking at how to promote ones site. One thing that kept on coming up was, Blogging. When I mentioned this to my Internet Illiterate wife, she thought I was swearing (cursing for those who do not understand the Queens English). Now in my family we definitely do not use the four letter word. My son on the other hand thought it sounded more like snot or booger or bog or some vile stringy stuff that excretes out ones nose. I guess it can be if abused. I have heard time and time again of how blogging goes bad, people get hurt and it cannot be undone. Court cases follow and all sorts of nasty stuff. Shouldn't I just stick to e-mail. I thought about this, but then e-mail is in essence forced into your mail box, where as reading a blog is a choice. If you do not like it then don't read it. But then I thought the whole point of blogging is to read it. So here I am, blogging. A blog does not have to be bad, it does not have to be a four letter word. It can be helpful, can it? Well I decided to give it a try, Will it help me? Will it drive traffic to my site? Will I derive business out of it. Well only one way to find out. Test it. Here is the test then. Please navigate to my site Integralwebsolutions Browse around, go to the feedback page and leave me a note. I will accept all criticism. Will it drive business? Well lets test and see. If you are interested in the kind of business and service I can supply, don't be shy to let me know. I will report back, sorry blog back, as to how this little experiment of mine went. Continue Reading
Contributed By:
Robert Bravery
Robert Bravery is the founder of Integralwebsolutions. He started programming in 1985 with dBASEIII+ then moved to dBASE plus the latest version of the great software. Seeing that Microsoft was dominating the world, he changed focus and started coding in C# using Visual Studio. He now develops web sites using the latest from MS, including Visual Studio 2008, Linq, Ajax, and a wide variety of third party control like Teleril, Devexpress and Infragistics. He has also written numerous articles on various subjects regarding programming, web development and SEO

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