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Mobile optimized website

By: Goran Paunovic at Art Version

Submitted on Sun, Sep 26th, 2010 4:26 am

  Once you make the decision to update your website to accommodate mobile devices, the next choice is deciding between a mobile optimized website or mobile apps. There are arguments for and against each choice, but in the end we at ArtVersion always recommend our customers go with a mobile optimized website.  We feel it’s usually faster to produce, plus it can be viewed from multiple devices as opposed to apps, which need to be coded for each device individually.  This means a different app would need to be created for the iPhone, Android, iPad etc. Additionally, going the mobile app route restricts the number of customers you can appeal to.  Apps need to be downloaded in advance, as opposed to just being able to search and use the web.  Mobile apps also require a third party to get involved who will eventually need to approve the app or call for changes to the app. In December, 2009 Morgan Stanley produced a Mobile Internet Report, researching the changes taking place in the mobile Internet market.  One takeaway from the report is their note that, “the mobile Internet is ramping faster than desktop Internet did, and we believe more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years.”  At ArtVersion, we view 5 years as a modest quote.  We urge you to be prepared with your mobile Internet presence as mobile platforms are growing, and they are growing quickly. Don’t forget, the reason your company is deciding to go the mobile website route is to hit as many potential customers as possible.  Therefore, go with the web optimized site over the app route in order to hit the broadest audience possible. Written by ArtVersion Chicago, Illinois. Graphic Design, Web Development, Visual Branding. Continue Reading
Contributed By:
Goran Paunovic
Art Version
At ArtVersion, our mission is to help small, medium and large businesses and organizations with all their graphic and visual communication needs. As a world leader in the industry, our passion is design and developing solutions to some of our customers' biggest design problems. We enjoy new challenges, hard work and even working under deadlines because we enjoy what we do - we enjoy design! We believe in great design and we think that design should not have to be compromised with budgets. Tight budgets are just a factor that limits the time available to be spent on project development. We believe in visual branding that will work in conjunction with your corporate core values and ethics. This idea includes the visualization of your current or newly developed brand that will greatly help in all of your marketing efforts and pass the real message to your end users. We believe in the "WOW" factor for every project we undertake. Our team’s diversity and wealth of experience, combined with our abundant creativity, ensure our clients receive a professional and reliable service with the best possible end product to represent their business. We pride ourselves on developing strong and long-term relationships with our clients, as well as responding to their individual priorities with solutions that are tailored to their requirements, time-frames and budgets. We work with our clients to understand the full scope and aims of each project, enabling us to design the most appropriate solution.

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