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Delivered on time, quality people
By Nick Flynn
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

I just launched another website for a subsidiary business i started and approached 7strategy to see what they could offer. I found their designers to be creative and smart, and after viewing several sample renderings I was able to select a configuration that really aligned with my needs/preferences. Since being completed our website has been received well by both clients and colleagues alike and we are finally able to tell the story of what we do online. I'm very pleased with 7strategy and recommend their services to anyone in need of a website.

Not a Good Idea
By Mike Guista
 Stars Stars
1 out of 10 Stars

I contracted with 7strategy to increase what are already high rankings on google. I was told my rankings could go up quickly if I obtained their services. (A few keyterms have no rankings so i thought i'd give them a try) They sent me a falsified report stating I had NO rankings on google (many of my keywords are already at the number 1 spot, others 3 and 4.) I had an independent consultant across the U.S. verify, just to make sure there wasn't a geographical difference. He said, no, they have given you a false report. Then they said they made an honest mistake. But that they were on schedule to boost rankings quickly (my business only operates at any volume during summer months so if rankings didn't change fast they were useless to me). Even if they made an "honest mistake" the delays were too much to help this summer season. I asked for money back and they refused.

Vastly Overpriced and Never Finished
By Derric Haynie
 Stars Stars
2 out of 10 Stars

I chose 7strategy because the types of sites they have designed in the past lined up with what I was looking for. While I am happy about the look of my site, nothing works properly and they didn\\\\\\\'t meet all of my requisites. They tried to charge me extra at every turn even after agreeing to a huge contract (in which the sales person said they would do whatever I asked, thats right sales person sells you on it then the project manager tells you whats really going to happen). After huge headaches dealing with simple issues and having to repeatedly explain to my project manager that some things were unacceptable and below industry standards, I got a half completed site and had to hire a seperate developer to finish the site. The other developer has since fixed all issues and helped with minor tweaks and changes for a very small fraction of what 7strategy wanted. Please avoid this site, while I again did like the look of my landing page, I\\\\\\\'m sure someone else could have done it for a fraction of the cost without the headache. I learned alot about how to choose a website developer and going through a sales manager then a project manager is not the way, working directly with the people that can create my site, and avoiding the middle men of 7strategy is the best way and 1/3 the cost.

promonu Internet marketing
By SEO company in Miami
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

Content Management System One of the most important aspects in drawing traffic to your website is the use of content. All search engines are always on the look out for relevant content. One can write loads of content on the site, however without the proper platform to do so, you will often find your self constrained due to several reasons. Some of the reasons being. * a. Almost all web developers/website companies usually charge you on a per page basis. So incase you want to write loads of content for your site, you will have to empty your wallets every time you need to add a new article to your site. * b. Add to this the pain involved in communicating the same to the web manager who will then publish the same, the ensuing communication leads to a lot of gaps in the expected end result. * c. Also wouldn’t it be great that you be able to manipulate the content on your site yourself, without any help from the website developer or vendor. * Ability to Preview every listing, before looking at project details. In short this whole process leads to wastage in terms of time as well as money. And even after doing this one is not able to seamlessly write content on ones own site. Realty Redefined websites change this equation completely. Every website that we make comes with a full blown Content Management System (CMS for short, we use the open source JOOMLA CMS) this gives our clients the ability to themselves manipulate the content on their sites, they do not need any assistance from us when it comes to adding new pages/articles they can do it all by themselves. Besides being able to manage the articles on your site, the platform that we provide allows you to manage almost all aspects of your website your self. Article submitted by Promonu SEO and Webdesign firm in Miami by Rick.

By Nischay
1 out of 10 Stars

dear Sir& Mam i am nischay looking a job in bulgeria country i have a good knwldge of Photoshop,coral,illustrator please tell me if you interted and if you want see My Work samle Thank you Regards Nischay Sharma

CD Presentation
By Ragini
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

Very good.

Music on Hold
By Anthony
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

We used this company for web and this company for music on hold.

Great website designers!
By Jim Khusus
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
9 out of 10 Stars

I’m not the kind of guy comfortable with computers, software and technical requirements. When the company assigned me our website project, I thought “That would be tough”. After consulting my networking of connections who had the same kind of project within their companies, all paths led to 7Strategy and they made it an enriching experience. They not only covered the design and development process, they also took the time to educate me on the the technical issues that I didn't know, like programming languages, databases, you know, that kind of stuff. The final product was amazing, great design, nice colors, and they gave us the exact look and features we were looking for. We wanted a Flash site with lot of images and effects, they did it without any problems. The entire project was much easier than what I expected, I think mostly due to 7Strategy. Thanks guys for the excellent service!

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