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About DataBoy

Graphic Design, Database and Server-Side Processing, Office Forms, Procedure Manuals, Web Hosting and a variety of other services. We can fulfill your needs. Flat rates - Guaranteed satisfaction.

We can tailor your site's web design and development to fit the budget you have set aside.

If you are a large company with complicated needs, we can fill the bill. If your company or organization is small with a limited budget, we can provide several options, including customized templates, to get you online without draining your coffers. Whatever the size of your company, we will design your site to fit your budget.

Existing Web Site Redesign / Maintenance: Update your current web site, If you are unhappy with your current design, or just need to freshen it up, let us take a look at it.

After discussing your needs and goals, we will analyze your site for speed, clarity, content, and search engine optimization, and provide you with a detailed study of what might be done to improve your internet presence. We also have several sites that we maintain on a regular "Webmaster" basis.

Office Forms and Spreadsheets: Using Microsoft InfoPath™, Visual Basic for Applications™, or Microsoft Excel™ tools we can design interactive forms and spreadsheets for your office.

We can duplicate most office forms so that they look exactly like your paper forms, including logos and other artwork.

These new electronic forms will calculate your totals and update office spreadsheets and databases at the click of a button. No need to re-enter existing data when needed for another report or spreadsheet function. We can save you time and reduce the possibility of error in your office data.

Additionally, your in-house forms that would otherwise be hand-written will be easier to read. No more delays or misinterpretation due to faulty penmanship.

Automate Your Web Site: Server-side processing brings you database access, submit forms, tracking and rotation of your ads, password protected forms, and much more.

Put your forms online - on the Web or in-house.
Keep track of clients, invoicing, employees, and more.
Administer your e-commerce system.
Edit your website content.
Add a search bar to your site.
Manage your database with easy to use forms.

With custom programming using PHP, we can program almost anything you want to do with your site, and provide that process in a secure environment.

Web Hosting / Domain Registration: We provide Web hosting and domain name registration at extremely competitive rates.

Our hosting servers are located in a secure and reliable data center so that we can assure you of worry-free hosting with a 99% uptime guarantee.

Mailing list programs, forums, chat rooms, blogs, bulletin boards, customer support services, guest books, image galleries and billing programs are all available free to our Web hosting customers.

If we are designing your web site, we will set up most of these programs for you to administer at no extra charge. We will even administer them for you for very nominal fees, and we do not charge for periodic minor updates.

Domain Name Registration: We provide domain name registration for the small fee of $11.95 per year. If you are a DataBoy Design customer, we will work with you to find a domain name that will best suit your company by providing you with a list of available names.

Employee Manuals and Tools: Whether you have a company network or just one computer, we can design forms and procedure manuals that are interactive and easy to use.

We can put these forms on line in a searchable format that is both quickly accessible and intuitive.

Save countless hours in employee training with interactive tutorials for software you use everyday in your office. Clearly defined and easy to use, step-by-step instructions, including screen shots, will guide your employees through procedures specific to your company's software use.

Lifetime Services: Our commitment to you does not end with the completion of your web design. Occasionally, your site will require a refresh, a change in content, or perhaps an entire redesign.

We provide small changes to your site at no extra charge, for the lifetime of your site. In some cases, this may mean a style change throughout your entire site. Since we use Cascading Style Sheets, style changes, such as font styles, background or font colors, or graphic changes, can be made in just a couple of minutes. Replacing an entire page of text can often by done very quickly also, depending on the design of your site.

Major changes, such as structure modifications or extensive text editing will be billed at an hourly rate.

We will do our best to give you a close estimate on hourly projects before we instigate the process.
We Are Dedicated to our clients. Dissatisfaction is not an option.

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March 2007
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