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Content is King. It is Also a Commitment.

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

During the development of a website content strategy for a recent client (let's call them Big Gorilla Promotional Products),I felt compelled to include an opening disclaimer that read like so: "Your Commitment - Many of the tactical elements......

SEO and Internet Marketing...It Takes Two to Tango

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

Marketers today know that search engines play a large roll in dictating daily website traffic and overall sales for many companies. Small businesses approach us regularly with requests for SEO services and an expectation that their site will......

What If Your Website Was a Real Salesperson?

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

In todays business environment, every company needs a website. And if youre a small business with a limited budget, a low-cost solution may be tempting. But what if your website was a real-life salesperson? Would your lack of investment in them......

Too Many Social Networking Websites, Too Little Time...

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

In the past few weeks, Ive come across several new social networking sites that, upon an initial audit, seem to be high-quality, active sites that might generate some business for myself and others. So, I proceed to set up my professional profile......

Google Alerts... Deploy Your Own Internet Spies

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

While this free Google tool is by no means new (launched in 2004), Im constantly surprised by how many people not only dont use it, but have never even heard of it. Lets take a closer look at this wonderful tool and examine how it can save you......

4 Reasons Why Referral Based Businesses Still Need a Solid Website

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

Despite the fact that many small businesses utilize referrals as their main source of new business, a solid website is still a must to capitalize on soft-selling opportunities when your prospects are on the web looking for product/service providers.......

Are Your Marketing Strategies and Your Website on the Same Page?

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

Last week a sales rep from a local printing company walked in to my office to pimp his companys superior printing services. I gave him a few minutes and he proceeded to give me his pitch, walk me through his large list of printing capabilities,......

Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

During a web design and internet marketing workshop that I delivered last month in Las Vegas, I realized that I had been taking something for granted. As I delved into the search engine optimization (SEO) portion of my presentation, it occurred to......

Herding HiPPOs: 4 Ways to Keep Your Expertise from Getting Trampled

By Brody at Allure New Media, LLC

Whats a HiPPO you ask? Have you ever been given the responsibility of designing/developing a new marketing piece (website, brochure, etc.) only to have your design or content ideas trampled by an upper-level executive who really has no......

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