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WebBizIdeas Reviews

What People are Saying

Worst company ever
By Samantha Ostrovski
1 out of 10 Stars

They are thieves who lie and always want to gain the upper hand on people who just want to help with other companies. One of the websites that they run (Tomoson) is a dark hole, where they will steal all your personal information and send it to telemarketers and other companies to harass you. Never EVER anything that comes out of this company's mouth, all they are out to do is gain for themselves and to squish everyone that is beneath them. Don't ever use any of their services or their websites EVER. They are scam artists and ROBBERS!

Fantistic job building and promoting our chiropractic website
By Dr. Laura Dronen
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

Our chiropractic website is now listed #1 in Google, not page number one, but the listing #1. I am very happy with the results, we have definitely got a return on investment. We even had to bring on a new doctor and expanded our office to manage the new chiropractic leads coming from our site

Great Work!!! Awsome SEO
By Lee Otto
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

Enjoyed working with the web development team at WebBizIdeas. They exceeded my expectations building & marketing my website. I can\'t say enough about how Jeff Foster has helped my company survive the recession. In 2009 I had the highest number of leads and even stopped yellowbook advertising to focus more on online because of the growth. WebbIzideas has helped me rank #1 for keywords such as \"Minneapolis Landscaping.\" I hired them for again in 2010 to continue their marketing efforts. I would highly recommend them if you need help growing your business online.

WebBizIdeas Review - Great Web Design!
By John
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

Just wanted to say thanks for designing a great website for our company. WebBizIdeas just understood what I wanted and was able to show me exactly what they were going to build before I even paid for the site! Thanks again for the fantastic job.

Designed my site to be simple, effective and unique
By Vince Rother
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

I cant say enough about Dan, Jeff, and everyone that was involved in the design of this site from conception to launch. They took a personal interest in my project and even motivated me at points instead of it being the other way around (which I thought wouldve been the case). The finished product is better than I thought it ever would be and I am now very excited to grow my business!

We wanted a site that was simple to use
By Tim Bourquin
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

The communication with WebBizIdeas was quick and easy. They responded to our requests quickly and implemented our ideas well. We simply told them what type of look and feel we were looking for and they made it a reality.

Great Communication - Easy to Work WIth
By Taher O.
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

The idea for TAO originally came from a discussion with my brother regarding what Americans need rather than what they want. It was decided that a new form of speech was necessary. Being completely dissatisfied with corporate life, my brother and I thought that it was worth taking a risk to improve on our quality of free speech. Webbiz let TAO explain our ideas and helped with their several ideas on how to bring the site to life. With experts in the industry, they were able to provide solutions from a broad spectrum. It was always imperative to have a website that could be upgraded for future enhancements. Needing a site that was unique, they designed an easily navigable site packed with features that are new to bloggers. TAO knew that the target audience would shift from all people interested in political blogs to students and staff in academia. We expect to create a presence on the web through another site to attract as many presidential bloggers as possible. Like all team work, there needs to be open communication and the desire to succeed. We felt that Webbiz met our expectations.

The Project Manager has been excellent
By Owner
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

InvenTube has been established to provide a COMPLETE online resource for inventors and creative thinkers. In an industry flooded with scams, preying on novice individuals with a dream of bringing their new product to market, a website where individuals can share experiences with one another, receive feedback, and showcase their current projects will revolutionize the way inventions are brought to market. InvenTube not only provides a powerful resource for inventors, it will also connect new product scouts, companies, and investors with innovative ideas from inventors. I chose WBI because I needed a company who specialized in web 2.0 software, allowing many users to come together and add content on a single webpage. There are many companies online who specialize in this type of web design, however I chose WBI due to the personal attention to detail and promptness when responding to my calls/emails. WBI not only creates websites, they aid the customer in the business related aspect of the site, to help you succeed. The staff at WBI are attentive, curious, helpful, and honest with their thoughts and suggestions to the development of a website. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the WBI staff, and look forward to future projects. The Project Manager, Dan Fernandez has been EXCELLENT. Honest, reliable, and friendly to deal with. I have nothing but respect and praise for Dan.

Fantastic Web Design & Internet Marketing Presentation!
By Brian P
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with our partners yesterday. You did a fantastic job and there were a lot of people that were impressed with the depth and breadth of your presentation. I hope that the partners reach out to you for your expertise and knowledge base.

Smart professional guys that handle the job A.S.A.P
By Tyrone
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars was designed for people to advertise there lives. Any aspect of it whether you have a talent you what to showcase or you have a business you want to advertise. Were still a growing site and want to add a lot of features to make the site a one-stop site. I was searching for someone professional to build my site at a decent price - I had no luck. Then I happen to be looking through a magazine and saw the advertisement for I called them many times with a lot of question and they were always willing to answer me. I liked what I heard. So I got them to start on the site A.S.A.P. Add My Life was designed the way it is because thats the way I wanted a majority of it and there was a little miscommunication so I didnt get everything perfect. Im happy with it for now but I do what to change a lot of things. After you have your site for an hour you have plans to develop it more. Add My Life I loved working with the guys at Smart professional guys that handle the job A.S.A.P. I had two different project managers and both of them were excellent; A +++

Great Social Networking Website
By Sunny Wang
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

Rebounders World is a social network website that is created for people who are on the rebound due to a painful breakup, divorce or loss of their loved ones. Rebounders World differentiates itself from others by forming a save environment that brings all the rebounders together and enter into an isolated world where all the rebounders can communicate with each other, support each other, date each other, and most importantly, help each other to move on from their previous hurtful relationships. I had done a lot of research before I finally made my decision to go with First of all, they were on the very top of the search engine. Second, they are very helpful as far as answering all my questions. Third, I felt no pressure from these guys! They are truly giving the most honest opinions. Fourth, they dont just design the website for you but also help you to start your internet business from scratch! They are certainly more than just web design! It has been a great experience working with everyone at They have been very helpful with all my requests. Dan is a wonderful project manager to me. He answers every single of my question very quickly. This is the kind of service Im looking for! Im going to work with some of the advertising companies that has recommended. Also, Im planning to promote my website on the radio shows and at some popular night clubs in a few major cities around the country. Im going to have a lot of questions for Jeff I guess!

More Than A Web Design Company - Internet Business Partner
By joaquin
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

iTech Ent started with a vision of how to make both search engines more robust, but also how to get conflicting and typically incompatible systems to communicate with one another. The result was an internationally, and US patented technology that we are currently getting ready to take to market in a variety of ways, the first being iSupply. For us it [WebBiz] was a clear choice. After interviewing a number of web designers, it was obvious that an immediate synergy developed between iTech and Webbiz in areas far beyond typical web design services. In addition, both companies have young and very smart entrepreneurs who can be together for many years. Plus you sounded OK on the phone too! Our iTech site will always be a work in progress. We wanted a company who would be able to go with OUR flow and meet our needs in a timely fashion. Webbiz has proven that they can deliver over and over to iTech and our other companies. A true pleasure! While we have butted heads on occasions (and those rare times are due to BOTH companies wanting it to be PERFECT), the synergy between our companies has been truly remarkable. We have contracted Webbiz to do several other projects for other companies we have as well, and they are performing just as solidly for those projects as they are for iTech. While we are primarily dealing with Dan Fernandez, we have full access down to the individual programmers and designers at Webbiz. Their open door policy for us has allowed us to not only move quickly, but to also interface directly with the coder actually doing the work.

Trusted Web Design Company
By Marlon
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

My idea was to bring businesses across the world together; especially small businesses. I envisioned a place where businesses/entrepreneurs needed to share ideas, tools, network with each other, advertise, listings, and a lot more. In the near future, businesses will even have features on their profile to sell their products, give samples, and profit. I decided to start this business, because I being an entrepreneur myself needed a FREE tool like this online, so I can advertise, and have my own place online. looked very professional and I felt like I can really trust them. They also helped me a lot during my process of creating my site, and giving me better ideas. I trusted them because of their expertise in online business. I am very happy with my site, and have plenty of future plans for my site, in which I will have WBI in on all development future plans.

Top Quality Website Design Team!
By Riders Trader
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

The idea of came to me because I wanted to have riders around the globe communicate with one another. I wanted this website to allow browsers to interact with other riders of all walks of life! Setting up this website has allowed me to tap into a niche market because no-one else is doing what RidersConnect is doing. I started this business because I felt I had a good concept and good content to put into the site, without this good concept it would have been a waste of time. I realize that the internet is fast becoming the busiest business district the world has ever known, and I feel that by starting this internet business I could take full advantage of the internets capability of being interactive and globally convenient. I chose because the site is very user friendly and on every occasion that I required assistance I promptly was replied to. I decided to have design my website after lots of internet research. I found WebBiz to be an affordable and professional company. I did not have the technical know how, or the money to hire staff. I really wanted to outsource the work! I found WebBiz and my project manager were able to assess my needs, and develop a top quality website making the leap into internet business an easier one! I have since contracted to WebBiz for developing

Excellent Suggestions, Design and Support
By Gabrielle
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

All of us at Rohde Royce were pleased to partner with WebbizIdeas to develop our new website. We especially found Brian Peters very open to learning about our particular needs and that of our customers to in turn create a site that would be most helpful to them. They worked hard to get inside our customers head to be able to offer excellent suggestions to help our customers find the information they needed to in turn help their own customers. In addition, they went above and beyond to work with our sources to get the information they needed to do the best job possible for us. I highly recommend both their technical skills as well as their determination to produce a quality product that is individualized to suit our needs.

Great Design
By Bob Buchicchio
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars was designed to be a website that individuals and couples who are experience relationship problems could log onto. Realizing that there are numerous websites for marriage enrichment and divorce etc... There are very few that specialize in just separations. My book Taking Space How to Use Separation to Explore the Future of Your Relationship forms the foundation for all other products and services I plan to offer on the website. I read about WebBizideas in a business magazine and decided to call. I like Brian with his low key down to earth approach and therefore you helped me redesign my website and host it. I now want to explore other ideas with you. I already provided a very good rating for Brian who was my project manager. This is probably why I would like to consider and talk about more work with your company. We have signed up with a marketing coach who specializes in self published authors who is linking us up with all kinds of marketing resources. So we would like to know what ideas are re: marketing and also run our ideas re: internet marketing passed you. Whether the ideas are yours or ours, we would like to consider WebBizIdeas the company that can execute the ideas onto our website and search engines etc

Best Web Design Experience
By Joaquin M
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

The idea is simple in its conception, but complex in its implementation. I have five kids that spend some of their time chatting, some surfing the web, some buying products and services, and some playing 3D games, well why not merge all activities into one, where you have a virtual world were you do most of the activities you do in the real world. I was looking for a company that knew how to develop social sites and had an idea on how to do it in a different way. After a couple of conversations with WebBizIdeas I was certain I had found the right company for my project. Well WebBizIdeas had experience in building social sites and it has a sister company that has experience building 3D applications, it was easy for me explaining the idea behind my project and then let WebBizIdeas people develop it merging both technologies. I do have future plans to continue developing the project into a full working version of the prototype we built and I am very excited about it. I liked very much working with, especially because WebBizIdeas people are very proactive, they do not wait for me to come out with a better solution, they are always thinking on how the customers project can be developed with the right tools and with the best functionality. My project manager was very helpful providing his expertise at all times, and he was always available to answer all my questions and doubts.

BBQ Forum Website
By Dean Jones
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

I wanted a web business that would focus on my hobby of grilling and barbecue. I am getting a certificate in internet marketing and wanted a site that I am interested in to use what I have learned on a daily basis. I also wanted a solid business plan based on long term growth. I liked the way WebBizIdeas listened to what I wanted an advised on a site idea and plan that would help me achieve those goals. They provided a complete consultative experience with my ideas as the core focus. I wanted a site that had room for growth but would focus on search engine ranking and traffic first. As a forum it is search engine friendly, generates interest, and lets me know what areas people are interested in the most that I can expand upon. My target audience is from the beginner backyard enthusiast to the professional. I want to establish a great on-line resource of recipes, tips, and referral directory of everything having to do with grilling and barbecuing in your backyard. I liked working with WebBizIdeas every step of the way.

Very pleased with the results
By Frank B.
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

When I started my website I was new to running an Internet business but not new to running a business. I previously had a company with huge expenses and 160 employees. I wanted to work for myself and by myself without having to depend on other people to help me run my business. An Internet business was the solution. With online dating becoming more widely accepted it's easier to attract members, especially with our niche. WebBizIdeas made it very easy for me. We spoke on the phone about what type of internet business I wanted and they produced it a short time thereafter. The people I dealt with were always friendly, always returned my calls and always answered my questions. I was pretty demanding about how I wanted my site designed. I had an idea as to how I wanted the site to be and I expected it to be that way by the time it was completed. By the time my site was finished, it was exactly the way I wanted it. The main thing I like about having worked with WebBizIdeas is even after the project was done, they were still helpful. Some website designers practically disappear after you send them their last payment.

Social Networking Website Review
By Gayle
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

I have worked nights for many years - At first I wanted a website about people that work nights, but then I thought about what people like to do for entertainment at night. This would appeal to a much broader base. I want a social networking community that loves the night. When I contacted them, Jeff from WebBiz was very accommodating and told me he would help me develop my ideas. I guess because I didnt know how to proceed, it was important to me that Jeff offered to help me develop my ideas as well as the actual website. Your portfolio looked great and I felt confident, and the price was right. I looked no further. WebBizIdeas saw that my ideas needed a custom designed site. They immediately saw the need for a web 2.0 structure. It is more than a social networking site. We will need many customized functions built in to present entertainment news and media to my users the way I want it. I want a night theme, cool, urban, and functional. As the business grows I definitely want to add to it. So I will be using WebBizIdeas a lot more. WebBizIdeas listens very closely to what I am trying to accomplish. They are friendly, easy to talk to and accommodating, but also they use their expertise to guide me. They keep me on track as to what is viable or not and what will give me the best results. I feel this has been a very positive, exciting experience.

Redneck Case Study
By Carrie Sue
 Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars
10 out of 10 Stars

I noticed that there were a lot of Rednecks around and no place on the internet for them to go and meet each other, share pictures, videos and buy stuff. So, thats how the Redneck Community got started. I want to work from home so I can stay home with the kids. I saw an ad in a magazine and decided to go online and check it out. You guys called right away and had other good ideas to add to ones I already had. You were very knowledgeable and patient with me, since I didnt know a whole lot about computers and internet. You also returned phone calls and emails when you said you would, which for a small town girl like myself, say a lot about a person and a company. I just told you what I had in mind and you guys did all the rest! I knew what Rednecks might like and you guys knew how to make it look good. I think the website looks fantastic! I cant ever see the need to stop developing new things. I love working with yall! You have great ideas and plenty of patience for people that are technically challenged. I also really appreciate your enthusiasm for the project and helping to keep the budget reasonable. I cant imagine working with anyone else.

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