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Professional Features: Lead Generation

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Everyday, thousands of people visit DesignFirms� to learn, connect and hire creative designers and savvy marketing professionals to help grow their business. We've been around for quite some time now and continue to set the standard for innovative products and resources.

Verified Leads

Need more work? We know how competitive the market is. We also know how expensive it can be to generate new customers. That's why we've spent years developing this lead generation system. Each lead is verified for legitimacy to ensure the highest quality product.

A Solid Investment

When you buy leads from us, you can rest comfortably knowing we've done everything possible to provide legitimate information in a timely manner. Since a buyer must verify the legitimacy of their quote request, fraud is limited and results in higher conversion rates.

How We Figure Pricing

(((b x p) / i) / q)

b = Budget | p = 5% | i = Interest | q = Quantity


During verification, we will agree to an estimated budget with the client. Let's say the final budget estimation comes to $5,000-$10,000; we average it out to be $7,500.


The most we will ever expect to receive for a prequalified lead is five percent. This number is then divided by the interest that is determined in the next step.


We will also determine buyer interest during the telephone conversation or live chat session. Interest can range from Cold, Warm and Hot; we assign values to each.


The next item we need to determine is quantity. When the quote request is submitted, the customer may choose to receive up to ten price quotes, thus the magic number.


A Warm Lead with an Estimated Budget of $5,000 - $10,000 and 5 Bids Requested

Average it Out:


Multiply by .05:


Warm Interest Divide by 2:


Divide by 5 Bids:


Lead Value: $37.50

Take it to the Next Level, Get Verified

In order to deliver the highest quality services possible you must be verified in order to purchase leads with a value of over $5,000. This helps ensure you're legit, you'll treat the customer with the respect they deserve and lets us know you won't ruin our solid reputation for delivering the very best.

Sell Your Unwanted Leads for Cash!

If you have leads you don't want, whether the budget is too low or the job is too large for you to handle, send them our way. If we qualify it, we will pay you big bucks! It's the best way to monetize something that will only go to waste. So get busy, sell us your leads!

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